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Tears of Crimson Publishing debut of Call of Souls.

Last updated Saturday, October 5, 2013 10:35 ET

Hell isn’t coming to earth, it’s already here! The new paranormal romance series from author Michelle Hughes.

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Romance Author Michelle Hughes turns back to Paranormal Romance with the new book release Call of Souls Series.

Verbena, AL Tears of Crimson Publishing, an independent publisher responsible for other such best-selling novels as 10 Nights and Sin, announced today that their latest book, "Kiera’s Song" will be released on October 11, 2013 in paperback and is currently available for Kindle and Nook readers. This will be the first paranormal romance released from Tears of Crimson this year. After the Fifty Shades phenomenon, TOC decided to put the Paranormal on hold and focus on Contemporary Romance. Founder and author Michelle Hughes stated the reason for the return was that in her opinion the phase has begun to dwindle away. “Publishing a successful novel is all about watching what trends readers are drawn toward, and releasing material to satisfy their consumption needs.”

Hughes began her writing career by writing Paranormal Romance in 2009 with the release of “A Night at Tears of Crimson.” The vampire series had a modest amount of success, but her career took off with the debut of the Erotic Contemporary romance 10 Nights. Subsequent releases under this genre sold to a broader audience and Hughes admits she followed this trend to increase profits.

When asked why she was now returning to the Paranormal Romance Genre, Hughes explained that it’s always been her favorite style of writing. The new series, “Call of Souls”, brings back the Tears of Crimson Nightclub in New Orleans while following a different storyline that incorporates fantasy with Erotic Romance. Based off of demons founds in the Apocrypha, this new series introduces the premise that Demons are embedded in the daily life of humans, covering the truth to damn souls. Nephilim, Incubus, Werewolves, Vampires and Demons, among other immortal creatures will all be featured in the Call of Souls Series, which starts with Book One: Kiera’s Song.

Tears of Crimson Publishing is an independent publishing company founded by author Michelle Hughes and featuring up-and-coming Gothic, Vampire, and dark romance genres. Other books include: Undercover Submissive, Defying the Sheikh, Gabriel's Diary, Sin, Angela’s Salvation, Eternal Crimson and A Night at Tears of Crimson. Authors interested in working with Tears of Crimson Publishers can contact Hughes through the Tears of Crimson website www.tearsofcrimson.com

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