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Newly Revised Young Adult Novel TWINED By A.L. Collins Is Available For FREE!

Last updated Tuesday, October 8, 2013 11:15 ET

Available Now for FREE! Twined by YA Author A.L. Collins. Newly Revised with Bonus Content Included! Check It Out! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007QQBPAA

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Author A.L. Collins just continues to generate awesome material! Once again he has taken an already popular and successful novel in TWINED, which he authored in 2012, and elevated it even higher! Twined is intriguing and mysterious. He possesses a premise unlike any other young adult novel on the market today. The characters are absolutely fantastic.

This book will surely pull you into its brilliant storyline, and then hold you there for the entire length of the book. Martha Campos of "Shh...I'm Reading" book blog in Houston, Texas writes: "The plot, the characters, pace, everything was incredible. There are little clues here and there that I think will come up in the sequel and I am just so excited to read and find out more."

Jennifer from Round Rock, Texas writes : "This story was really fresh and new. I found myself reading as much as I could at a time, quickly turning pages to understand more and experience more." A.L. Collins will continue to deliver the high quality novels that his fans and loyal readers have come to enjoy and long for. He is currently working on "The Scion's Ascension" a prequel to TWINED the first book in the same names series. The newly revised version being offered on Amazon actually includes the first three chapters of this his latest work.

For more information about A.L. Collins and his latest or upcoming projects, visit his blog at: http://www.themagicofbastion.blogspot.com To pick up your free copy of TWINED visit amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007QQBPAA