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More Than 80% of Radiologists Use Mobile Devices for Medical Imaging

Last updated Monday, October 28, 2013 23:07 ET

Of 72 participants, 81% were either definitely or very likely to use a mobile device for medical applications.

Baltimore , USA, 10/28/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

A new study conducted by Viewbox Holdings, LLC showed that nearly 47 percent of physicians use mobile devices to view teaching cases, and a large number of this demographic are utilizing an Apple device. These survey results suggest that among a random sampling of radiology professionals, the majority would definitely use or were very likely to use mobile devices and medical applications. The results also suggest an interest in using mobile devices and medical applications for storing and presenting medical images as the majority of the respondents indicated in their responses.

The study was based on a survey comprised of 7 multiple choice and 2 open response questions was constructed with input from 2 board certified radiologists. Of 72 participants, 80.5% were either definitely or very likely to use a mobile device for medical applications. The study was developed in 2010 when the iPad first emerged as a potential front-runner in mobile imaging in an attempt to assess what radiologists really wanted in a mobile education application and to gain an understanding of how the format of education is changing in the current technological environment. The research also demonstrated that users would like the ability to manipulate their teaching files for presentation from their mobile devices, which is currently available through the Viewbox 2.0 application (www.viewbox.net). These numbers are expected to grow as more business applications are developed and released, and due to the recent FDA approval of the iPad for viewing medical images.

“While these results indicated a high likelihood that radiology education will be impacted by mobile technology, it would be interesting to categorize the various applications that are being used by radiologists and at which point in training or in practice these are found most useful” states Luther Adair, II, MD, cofounder of Viewbox Holdings, LLC. "Several options for mobile radiology education have emerged over the past few years since the introduction of the iPad in 2010. These include various applications for different operating systems and devices. Given the plethora of options to choose from in mobile radiology education, it is challenging to provide radiologists with efficient tools for getting the most out of technology’s offerings."

As residents prepare for a new, computerized version of the American Board of Radiology oral board examination, mobile radiology education is more relevant than ever before. While traditional methods of hanging film and utilizing Microsoft’s Powerpoint software remain a cornerstone of both resident education and preparation for board examinations, these methods are increasingly being augmented with mobile tools. In 2010, Viewbox Holdings, LLC created Viewbox 2.0 for the iPad to address this challenge.

Viewbox 2.0 offers radiology trainees and other medical professionals a method to create and share image teaching files which are the bedrock of radiology learning and education. In light of the recently reported controversy surrounding alleged cheating by U.S. radiology trainees and purported use of recalled exam questions, Viewbox offers trainees an alternative method to create and share image teaching files with the ability to link and reference their files with peer reviewed sources.

Viewbox 2.0 is an application for the iPad that allows users mobile access to view, share, and present medical images. Created with the radiologist and medical professional in mind, Viewbox 2.0 allows easy portability for your teaching file images in the workplace as well as the classroom. Please visit at www.viewbox.net.