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PRB Leather Co Launches Minimalist Line, Kickstarter Campaign Raises Funding

Last updated Thursday, October 31, 2013 12:07 ET

Merritt Island, FL local Paul R. Brooks reestablished 40 year old leather company with first product line of handcrafted minimalist wallets.

10/31/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Paul R. Brooks, a Brevard County native and an experienced leather craftsman, recently launched his first line of handcrafted minimalist wallets. His company, PRB Leather Co, was first founded in California the 1970s and has recently been reestablished near Cocoa Beach, Florida. PRB Leather Co is currently raising money through Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding website that helps launch creative startups by offering rewards in exchange for money pledged.

Known amongst friends and family as “The Craftsman,” Paul has developed a uniquely shaped minimalist wallet offered as a Kickstarter reward which balances the handcrafted style for which he is known along with a sleek and polished finished product. Showcasing a wave design on the front, the wallet is reminiscent of his surfer roots and love for the ocean.

Although each wallet is hand-cut, hand-stained, hand-punched, hand-stamped, and hand-sewn, the finished product has been described as top-notch and precise. Holding “just enough to keep life simple,” PRB Leather Co wallets are both functional and beautiful.

Paul’s Kickstarter campaign runs through November 17th. The wallets will be crafted in Paul’s Merritt Island home-based leather workshop and shipped out in time for the holidays. You can visit his campaign by searching PRB Leather Co on Kickstarter.com.

About PRB Leather Co
Paul R. Brooks first started working with leather in the 1970s, making and selling leather goods on the streets of California and Maryland. Now a resident of Merritt Island, Florida, Paul and his family enjoy the simple beachside lifestyle. A few years ago his four children encouraged him to set up a leather shop, and the Brooks family began stocking Paul’s leather workroom with work benches, tools, dyes, beautiful pieces of leather, and even alligator skins that his son Levi caught in the swampy marshes of Melbourne and Palm Bay, Florida. This craftsman’s unique handcrafted leather work is now offered worldwide via his website, where he sells beautiful, simple, functional leather goods that can be used every day. Paul can also be contacted via email ([email protected]), Facebook, and YouTube.