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Big Spence Caught Up In Action

Last updated Wednesday, November 20, 2013 11:48 ET

Actor, Big Spence satisfying his hunger for action in the upcoming film, "Bullets, Blades & Blood"

11/20/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Actor, Big Spence will be seen as 'Detective Walker' in the upcoming film, "Bullets, Blades and Blood" written by former five time world kickboxing champion Robert D. Parham and co-writer, David Perez. "Bullets, Blades and Blood" is the story of a mercenary for hire they call 'Marcus Blades' (Robert D. Parham). Marcus Blades is on a mission to kidnap an R&B singer (Kenya Hunter-Placido) who is on the rise, but targeted for death. Marcus Blades seeks revenge against those who plot his demise.

Big Spence's character 'Detective Walker' is a hot shot detective who does everything by the book, but at times feels disappointed at the 'lack of action' his job brings. Constantly seeking that adrenalin high, Walker is constantly searching for action and checking things out. Detective Walker can not stand the fact that Detective Jherico (Andres McCoy) always comes late, never follows protocol but for some unknown reason he is always one step ahead! Detective Walker is always ready for action and it now appears him and Jerhico may just get their chance to engage is some of that craved action.

"Bullet's, Blades and Blood" is still in production, being primarily shot in Northern California, as the production team is trying to bring more filming to this area. This action packed film also brings talent such as James E. Meyer (House of Temptation), Arlene Barshinger,(Betrayal) Anquenitta Williams (Set Me Free) and Larry Powers (Predatory Lender).

"Bullets, Blades and Blood" has a projected release date of July, 2014. Big Spence is happy to be a part of this film. With his many projects in production and coming up, Spence stated he had a lot of fun working with this team. You can also look for Big Spence's directorial debut in 2014 with his film, "Set Me Free".