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King Mohammed VI Strongly Supports the Palestinian Cause

Last updated Monday, January 20, 2014 10:07 ET

HM King Mohammed VI stressed on Friday that the Palestinian cause is as important for Morocco as the Sahara issue, Morocco's first national cause.

01/20/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

As chairman of Al Quds Committee, HM King Mohammed VI opened this Friday the 20th session of the Al-Quds Committee which took place this year in Marrakesh.

Morocco's King delivered a strong speech stressing that empty slogans and exploitation of the Palestinian cause are not the way to defend the holy city against expansionist plans. "We cannot defend the holy city against Judaization schemes nor support its steadfast inhabitants through empty slogans or the exploitation of this lofty cause for pointless outbidding purposes", the Sovereign said.

"Confidence, credibility and effective action are needed to defend sacred Islamic values", added HM the King who called the issue of Al Quds, the Arabic word for Jerusalem "a crucially important matter."

The King insisted that Al Quds is the core of the Palestinian issue, pledging that "the occupied city of Al Quds will continue to top the list of my foremost concerns, just as it will remain in the hearts and souls of all Muslim peoples".

The Sovereign noted that "for peace to be achieved, Israel must fulfill its obligations, especially with respect to the Road Map adopted by the International Quartet and endorsed by the Security Council, as well as the prospects opened up by the Arab Peace Initiative.

HM King Mohammed VI also stressed that the Palestinian cause is as important for Morocco as the Sahara issue, Morocco's first national cause.

'The cause of Al-Quds is a sacred trust for all of us. As far as I am concerned, it is just as important as Morocco's first national cause, it has always been one of the fundamental determinants of my country's foreign policy", said HM the King.

The Sovereign also recalled that this meeting is held in a context of international consensus on the need to increase support to the Peace Process, before commending "untiring efforts" by the US Administration under the stewardship of President Barack Obama and the supervision of Secretary of State John Kerry.

The Sovereign noted that these efforts have given fresh, constructive momentum to the peace process, stressing that "the success of this dynamic, however, hinges on the adoption of a comprehensive approach in which all final settlement issues are addressed on the basis of a clear frame of reference and within a specific timeline.