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ProstaMend Reviews: Negative Side Effects or Real Prostate Pills? 2021 Review

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ProstaMend is a daily prostate supplement that reduces its size and helps consumers reduce the number of times they go to the bathroom throughout their night.

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ProstaMend is a daily prostate supplement that reduces its size and helps consumers reduce the number of times they go to the bathroom throughout their night. The formula can prevent the risk of developing prostate issues, easing inflammation with natural ingredients.

Made exclusively available at the official website for the lowest price online, the ProstaMend prostate health support supplement for men at ProstaMend.com is being hailed as a natural solution to fix benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and help reduce the side effects of an enlarged prostate nearly all aging males will deal with at one point in time in their life due to the rise in levels of DHT, or dihydrotestosterone.

Having a prostate problem can be embarrassing, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Plenty of men develop prostate issues as they age, and even young men can suffer from conditions of the prostate. The impacts of this issue are not difficult to spot. The most recognizable symptom of a prostate condition is frequent urination. Some men even develop incontinence as a side effect of their prostate problems. To make matters worse, very few traditional medications are truly effective at reducing inflammation and improving the health of the male prostate.

Supplements can be a great way to improve the condition of the prostate without resorting to the troubling medications used in the traditional medical industry to treat the prostate. ProstaMend is one supplement gaining traction in this emerging sector. The product website begins with the claim that the formula is “the number one method to support a healthy prostate.” This claim is huge. For men in advanced age, this is a very serious claim. A supplement that can permanently solve the symptoms associated with an inflamed or irritated prostate would certainly be worth the money.

All prostate problems should be evaluated by a health professional. While some prostate issues are natural and cause minor inflammation, erectile problems, and urinary issues, some men also develop prostate cancer. Work with your doctor to diagnose and evaluate your prostate condition before turning toward any kind of supplement. However, men interested in using ProstaMend need to closely evaluate the supplement and the research supporting it before making a purchase.

Prostate drugs can come with some devastating side effects. We want you to be as informed as possible before using any prostate supplement. This review will run readers through all of the most important facts surrounding ProstaMend, including the scientific evidence behind it, a list of its key ingredients, and the company responsible for manufacturing and distributing it.

What is ProstaMend?

Every man should prioritize his prostate health. Shocking statistics show that men aged 40 and older are now at a significant risk of developing issues in their prostate, demonstrating a massive rise that hasn't been seen in the last five decades. Big Pharma certainly prefers to bring medications to market to help treat the prostate, but there is significant evidence to show that they have major side effects. However, doctors continue to recommend them.

Including ProstaMend as a supplement to a healthy diet can manage the inflammation that leads to infections, disease, and other conditions. Developed by Keith Johnson, the creator specifically says that he has become a major enemy of the healthcare industry for the solution that he has discovered. The market is already worth $9.8 billion, and that number continues to increase.

Without some kind of solution, consumers continue to deal with constant urination embarrassment, sometimes even leading to accidents in public. No man wants to deal with this kind of emasculation, and it can even lead to life-threatening issues. The only way to move forward is with the right support, and that is what consumers may be able to get from ProstaMend.

How Does ProstaMend Help With An Enlarged Prostate?

The key reason that so many people suffer from prostate issues seems to be due to their DHT levels. DHT is the resulting hormone that comes from the body's natural conversion from testosterone. Testosterone declines with age, and the DHT that it leaves behind can lead to hair loss, weight gain, and more. It can even directly impact prostate inflammation.

To correct this problem, ProstaMend is made of completely natural ingredients that quickly absorb into the body. Though there are 32 different extracts included, the website only specifically names:

  • Annona Muricata
  • Saw palmetto
  • Mushrooms
  • Red raspberry
  • Pygeum africanum
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Copper

With just two capsules each day, consumers can make a major difference for their body. Read on below to learn more information about each one of these ingredients.

Annona Muricata

Annona Muricata, which is more commonly known as soursop or graviola, is used for its leaves, which have many medicinal benefits. For some consumers, it is an alternative option to chemotherapy or radiation when treating cancer. As important as a benefit as this can be, there are many other ways that the ingredient can help.

One of the primary reasons that graviola leaves are so popular has to do with their ability to reduce inflammation and to provide relief for muscle spasms. It can fight back against hypoglycemia, and it is incredibly high in antioxidants. The presence of antioxidants reduces the damage that can be caused by free radicals, which can severely inhibit and harm the cells in the body.

Along with the presence of antioxidants, Sarah stop can also reduce bacterial strains that can cause oral diseases or yeast infections.

Saw palmetto

One of the main purposes of saw palmetto is to treat an enlarged prostate, making it an ideal ingredient to include in this formula. As users take it, they will also experience improvements in their urinary function, and they may stimulate the growth of new hair. While there have been mixed results on how effective that saw palmetto could have on BHP, it is clear that saw palmetto is a major concern among men in their 70s and even younger.

Including saw palmetto in the diet could help men prevent themselves from going through hair loss since it reduces the conversion from testosterone to DHT. When the body has a high amount of saw palmetto, these testosterone levels remain high, which can also trigger the libido and improve the ability to maintain muscle tone.

Though there are some reports that this ingredient can potentially improve blood flow circulation and function in males, there is much more definitive research to be done to determine if that is indeed true.

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Consumers will find 3 different types of mushrooms in this formula, providing an excellent source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants with every single dose. By incorporating mushrooms into this diet daily, they can reduce their risk of heart disease, heal from cancer, and manage the risk that consumers could possibly have to develop Alzheimer's disease.

Mushrooms have a high amount of selenium, which is essential for the function of the body. Specifically, this formula includes Reishi, Maitake, and Shitake. Mushrooms can safely be consumed on a daily basis, providing antioxidants that can support the brain. After all, This is why consumers that regularly eat mushrooms have a much lower risk of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and other neurological illnesses.

If consumers wanted the same support without a supplement, they would need to eat at least 5 button mushrooms daily, but it would not give nearly the same impact.

Red Raspberry

Though one of the main benefits of red raspberries is that they are low in calories, consumers don't really have to worry about that problem is a supplement. The creators instead focus on providing users with the fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that users need on a daily basis.

With a rich number of antioxidants, consumers may be able to protect themselves from developing diabetes, arthritis, or cancer. Some consumers use it to treat obesity, focusing on the delicious taste of this berry.

Over the last few centuries, red raspberry has been incorporated into medicinal treatments for quite some time. Centuries ago, women would take raspberry leaves to make their delivery easier during childbirth. However, the same ingredient can alleviate gastrointestinal issues (like diarrhea) and deal with heart problems.

Pygeum africanum

Pygeum africanum is directly associated with the treatment over the large prostates, which is BHP. It also helps to reduce the risk and ease the symptoms of prostate cancer. Based on how this ingredient can change hormones, users may find that their newfound testosterone could be the solution that they need to stop hair loss and prevent the accumulation of estrogen in the body.

Most of the time, pygeum africanum is incorporated into treatments for inflammation, kidney disease, stomach ache, and difficulty during urination. However, it can also help with much more mild conditions, including a stomach ache or a fever.

Pygeum africanum Can help couples to increase libido and desire as well.


Zinc is a critical part of many different parts of the body. It is most often discussed alongside the benefits it offers the immune system, which is why so many people find it in immunity-boosting supplements. Keeping the immune system is necessary to prevent cell damage, but it's hardly the only thing that zinc can do.

The metabolism also heavily relies on zinc to maintain its function. The metabolism controls how the nutrients are used for energy throughout the body, and the lack of sync would prevent the digestive system from properly handling all of the nutrients.

Consumers naturally include thinking about their diet already if they are eating fortified breakfast cereals, red meat, or chicken. Most of the time, keeping a well-balanced diet is all the user needs to get enough zinc. Still, by incorporating it in a supplement that focuses on prostate health, users can get a little more support for their immune system's defense against major diseases.

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Selenium adds even more antioxidants to the body to prevent damage from impacting the cells. Most consumers already have enough selenium in their diet due to eating seafood, Brazil nuts, and organ meats. It is also found in dairy products, muscle meats, and cereal. It is possible to become deficient in selenium, which can cause major fatigue, fogginess in mind, a weakened immune system, hair loss, and even infertility.

While taking a supplement that includes selenium, consumers can promote a stronger immune system and improved fertility. Users may even find relief from cognitive stress, and they can support the health of both the prostate and the thyroid.

In some cases, selenium has been used as a treatment for the symptoms of asthma.


When consumers and just any source of copper, it works naturally with iron to produce new red blood cells. It is a part of keeping bones strong, keeping the nervous system communicative, and improving immunity. It is one of the crucial nutrients for iron absorption, and it can prevent cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis.

Copper can already be found in some foods that consumers eat, like chocolate, shellfish, nuts, organ meats, and other sources.

Purchasing ProstaMend

Though the retail cost of ProstaMend is $99, customers will get a significant discount when they shop on the official website ProstaMend.com. There are a few different packages offered, and the discounts only get better as the quantity increases. Choose from:

  • 1 bottle for $69
  • 3 bottles for $177 ($59 each)
  • 6 bottles for $294 ($49 each)

If this user finds that this formula doesn’t help them in the way that they expected, they can request a refund from the customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions About ProstaMend

How does ProstaMend improve the body?

Since the creators name the main cause of these problems as benign prostatic hyperplasia, the entire point of this formula is to reduce inflammation and DHT levels. It blocks DHT and reduces the inflammation in the body with the aforementioned ingredients.

What is the best number of bottles to order?

The number of bottles will depend on how much time the user wants to continue taking ProstaMend. Customers should also base this decision on the severity of their inflammation.

Who will benefit the most from using ProstaMend?

The formula is meant for any man that wants to naturally alleviate the inflammation associated with BPH or an enlarged prostate. Predominantly, the men that suffer from this problem are over age 40.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If the user does not get their desired results when using ProstaMend, they can return the product within 60 days for a full refund.

How long will consumers continue to be able to purchase ProstaMend?

Unfortunately, the answer is unknown. Since the pharmaceutical industry does not want to have a cure on the market, there is a chance that this offer will not be available for much longer. That is exactly why the company encourages users to stock up when they make their initial purchase.

How do users purchase ProstaMend?

The only way to purchase this formula this by going through the official website.

Bottom Line

ProstaMend supports men as they embark on an important journey to keep their prostate health as they get older. While there are many ingredients in this formula that directly support the prostate gland, others indirectly help with reducing inflammation or an enhanced immunity defense against illness.

Almost every ingredient on this list is easy to find in the natural diet of any individual. By combining all of the nutrients at the same time, the creators give the concentrated attack any inflammation that may currently be damaging to the user’s body. Without frequent trips to the bathroom all day and all night, users can feel confident in the way that they naturally heal the body.

ProstaMend is a supplement meant to be taken once daily by men who want to improve the condition of their prostates. There are no reported negative side effects of using ProstaMend prostate pills, but because prostate issues can be the evidence of a more serious medical issue, a doctor should always be the first stop of anyone suffering from prostate inflammation. But after you’ve ruled out any significant medical condition, supplementation remains a viable option. On this front, ProstaMend markets itself as an excellent way for aging men to reclaim control of their prostates -- and their lives.

The ingredients included in this supplement are supported by some research. Traditional researchers are still conflicted about just how effective supplementation can be as a means of reducing inflammation and swelling in the prostate. Will this supplement help you to improve an existing prostate condition? It’s impossible for us to say. However, it is possible for us to say that this supplement ingredients might help to reduce some inflammation within the prostate, which can significantly improve a number of symptoms associated with the condition.

Official Website: https://prostamend.com/

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