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Sensational Contemplative Photography Originating From Finland Now On Display

Last updated Monday, March 29, 2021 10:55 ET , Source: Osku Leinonen Photography

Osku Leinonen Photography unveils breathtaking images with the power of contemplation

Tampere, Finland, 03/29/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

March 29, 2021 - Tampere, Finland: Osku Leinonen Photography, has unveiled his beautiful Contemplative Photography work from Finland that is wowing audiences all over the world.

Osku Leinonen, a noted Fine Arts photographer from Pispala, Tampere Finland is renowned for the mastery of his work. His photographs can be printed on canvas and make for gorgeous wall décor items that have adorned many homes. In fact, the prolific photographer recently completed 1000 images and published a series of photos titled ‘Little Man’. These 22 photographs were in keeping with the theme of bringing hope in troubled times.

Osku Leinonen Photography
Osku Leinonen Photography

He is now making waves around the world with his Contemplative Photos that are deep and meaningful. After all, that’s the purpose of this style of photography, which talks about looking at objects from a deeper and different perspective. This form of photography encourages one to look at the subject as a different piece from the environment, build a relationship with it through thought and meditation, before expressing it through the medium of photographs.

This contemplative approach of Miksang photography is drawn from the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The meditative teacher and artist made contemplative art as a part of his Buddhist teachings. Osku Leinonen, who is also a Qigong (Chi kung) instructor and Butoh dancer, was neared his own contemplative approach to art, with similarities to Miksang. He has made this approach an intrinsic part of his photography, which brings the wonders from exotic Finland to the world.

It’s interesting to note that the Tibetan word Miksang means the Good Eye. It acknowledges the fact that there is a basic goodness in everyone. It believes that everyone has an eye, which is a clear vision to see things around them. The contemplative approach is all about taking the time to consider all pure perceptions one has more deeply. That’s where these photographs originate from and have a deep impact on viewers.

Osku Leinonen Photography
Osku Leinonen Photography

Osku Leinonen has been passionate about contemplative photography, which is renowned for its purity and thoughtfulness. He uses photography as a form of self-reflection, which makes people stop and wonder. His Empowering Photos encourage and enable people to see beyond daily life and find a deeper meaning in the world around them. Inspired by street photography, these images can be therapeutic in many ways.

Another major goal for Osku Leinonen Photography is to spark joy and happiness with the images. These creations go a long way in building awareness about the magic of photography. They are timeless pieces that can adorn people’s walls not just as art but a form of engagement with their own inner self. The high-quality photographs are certainly empowering, and add a lot of value not only to people’s homes but their lives as well.

Osku Leinonen’s Contemplative Photos from exotic Finland can be viewed at https://www.oskuleinonenphotography.com/.

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This Finnish fine arts photographer and artist is known for his stunningly beautiful images that can be printed on canvas as wall art, or be downloaded for media.


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