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Juicetou.com Announces Launch of New Website

Last updated Friday, April 2, 2021 12:34 ET

Reviews, Buying Guide, Top Juicers for 2021 and Best Shaker Cups & Shaker Bottles

New York, United States, 04/02/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

2nd April 2021 – Juicetou.com is pleased to announce the launch of a new website to present reviews, buying guides, top juicers for 2021, and the best shaker cups & shaker bottles. There is no better way to start a day with a fresh glass of juice made from actual fruits and not the store-bought bottle. Today, more and more people are inclined towards a healthier breakfast and with the ongoing pandemic, it is but imperative that they consume fresh fruit juices to improve their immunity. So, here is this site that helps customers choose the best juicer that best suits their breakfast needs. There are so many kinds of juicers available today, both manual and electric. Which one is actually the best?


The Nama Juicer on Amazon is backed by real press technology and currently stands on top of the best juicers of 2021. The pure press technology cuts down the prep time. Take the juice experience to a whole new level with sorbet hole which also helps prepare frozen purees, nut butter, salsas, desserts, etc. The Name Juicer is the best for those who want to enjoy the real taste with a low-speed juice extraction system. The Jack Lalanne power juicer is one of the most popular choices which also allows users to preserve fresh and high nutrient juice for a day or two. A juicer is also judged based on the ability to clean. And this juicer ticks the mark as it is super easy to clean by hand and also place it in the dishwasher.

And for those who want to explore the world of Hamilton Beach Juicers by Kohls, this place has it all. This sophisticated juicer is a versatile one with a big mouth which cuts down the prep time of having to chop the fruits or veggies into smaller pieces. The Green Star Juicer is also a popular choice backed by the cold press complete masticating technology. This juicer is designed to extract juice while preserving all the vitamins and essential minerals during the extraction. As it is low in speed and produces no heat, the valuable and sensitive nutrients stay intact.


Coming to the shaker cups and shaker bottles, these too have a purpose. Mostly found in a gym bag or a fitness enthusiast’s kitchen, blender bottles are a must for making delicious nutritional drinks. Right from making a perfectly smooth shake at home to mixing up the protein shakes in a fitness center, these shaker cups and bottles are super portable, easy to use, and purposeful too. If not anything, they can be used for carrying plain water or iced tea, or iced coffee. Available in different capacities, shakers and blender bottles are the best way to enjoy a smoothie on the go.

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