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Sapphire Hair Clinic; The Growing Popularity Of Hair Transplants: What You Need To Know

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Everything you need to know about hair transplant in Turkey.

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In recent years, hair transplants have grown popular around the world. Although balding and hair loss mainly affects men, women are also seeking hair transplants as an alternative to restore thinning hair. Hair transplant is one of the cosmetic procedures with widespread popularity as men and women seek to rejuvenate their appearances.

What is a hair transplant?

During a hair transplant, the doctor transplants hair from one area known as the donor area to another area known as the recipient area. Many people with balding hair, a receding hairline, and thinning hair undergo a hair transplant to replace that hair. Hair transplants allow you to supplement your thinning hair with healthy growing hair from your very own head.

Market trends of hair transplants

According to the hair society reports, hair transplants have increased by 60% since the year 2014. One of the main reasons is that hair transplants have become less invasive as technology advances, yielding more positive results. Hair transplant is among the top five cosmetic procedures common in men since 87% of the people who undergo hair transplants are men. But the prevalence of women is increasing as well.

Because of the growing demand for hair transplants, many clinics worldwide have specialized doctors providing hair transplants at varying prices. Hair transplant Turkey is getting higher demand because Turkey is one of the countries where the procedure is offered at the lowest price. There is a standard price policy across the country that considers the residents' living wage. India, South Korea, the UAE, and Thailand are also some of the top choices for patients who want to undergo hair transplants because of the affordable prices in clinics located in those regions.

The high demand for hair transplants has lead to significant technological discoveries and techniques to facilitate hair transplants. Scientists and hair transplant doctors worldwide are continually developing new hair transplant techniques and therapies to solve the growing risk of hair loss and minimize treatment time. Currently, new hair transplant techniques have taken over the traditional methods of hair transplant.

Reasons triggering the growing demand for hair transplant

In the healthcare specialties, hair transplant is one of the rapidly growing markets experiencing a more than 60% growth since 2014. Many factors are influencing the surgical hair restoration market, including:

The discovery of minimally invasive and painless hair transplant techniques

For the non-informed, a hair transplant may sound like a complex procedure involving moving an entire scalp from one head to another. But that is not the case. It is a less complicated procedure in which hair is removed from the donor area to the recipient area in the same head. There are different techniques of hair transplant:

Follicular unit transplant- For instance, if you are suffering from a receding hairline, the surgeon may collect hair from the back part of your head where the hair is thick and healthy to implant it on your receding hairline. The doctor basically identifies an area with thick hair, removes a strip of hair, and transplants it into the recipient area.

Follicular unit extraction- with this technique, the doctor removes every follicular unit individually but in a random fashion and implants them on the recipient area. This involves creating incisions on the scalp, and the surgeon implants the hair in them. However, there is a less invasive procedure known as DHI hair transplant. DHI hair transplant does not require incisions, and the surgeon uses a patented tool during the implantation on the scalp. Alternatively, a robot system is used.

Robotic hair transplant- in this innovative method, the surgeon performs the hair transplant with a special tool. As a result, the doctor can implant as many grafts as possible within a short time; therefore, this method minimizes the operation time, reduces fatigue for the surgeon, and allows the patient to return home early.

Stem cell therapy- this is also a recent discovery in hair transplant for complete hair restoration. It is an organic method of hair restoration whereby the doctor obtains stem cells from the patient’s adipose tissues and injects them into the recipient area to promote hair growth. That way, the patient gets to avoid hair transplant involving surgery. The surgeon chooses a hair transplant technique depending on the patient’s hair loss, test results, personal features, and needs.

Minimal downtime and quick healing process

Another reason why hair transplants have become popular is due to less downtime after the procedure, allowing the client to return to normal daily activities as soon as possible. In modern hair transplant techniques, all a patient needs to do is wear a hat or scarf for some days as the tiny red spots heal. In procedures where the incision is not required, the healing process is quick, and it is hard for other people to tell that one has undergone a hair transplant.

Potential candidates for hair transplants research about procedures easily

With the presence of the internet, it is easy to research hair transplant procedures these days. People don't have to depend on doctor-patient consultation to know about how hair transplant works. Many people who suffer from hair loss, balding, thin hair, and receding hairline can research the causes and remedies from the internet.

More positive outcomes

Before and after pictures of hair transplants instill confidence in patients who want to undergo hair transformation through transplants. Again, in the last decades, the hair traditional hair transplant techniques would yield unnatural results, which discouraged many people from undergoing the procedure. However, with the latest discoveries and innovations in hair transplant technology, the procedure is less complicated and produces more natural results giving the patient a more youthful look.

The increasing interest in self-care

People around the world are more informed about self-care thanks to the internet. As a result, many people suffering from hair loss opt for a hair transplant as a self-care procedure and enhance their looks.

Getting a hair transplant Turkey

Hair transplants require unmatched skill and expertise for you to get the desired outcome. Working with a qualified doctor such as Dr. Esin Egilmez of Saphire hair Clinic is vital to create something similar to a work of art. She is a well-trained doctor on hair restoration surgery with much-needed experience in performing hair surgeries. The best way to learn more about hair transplants is to schedule an appointment with an experienced hair doctor.


Hair transplant has become more known in the modern world thanks to the development of minimally invasive and painless hair transplant techniques.

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