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The Website Flip Acquires FlipWebsites.Com

Last updated Wednesday, April 7, 2021 18:12 ET , Source: The Website Flip

Cements its position as the leader in Website Flipping and investing industry

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The Website Flip, already a leading name in Website Flipping and selling, has now acquired FlipWebsites.com to further bolster its position as the premier name in the business.

The Website Flip has been dedicated to the cause of helping investors make smart decisions when it comes to buying, growing, and selling website assets. In fact, since April 2020 it has operated a dedicated newsletter and website that offers all the relevant information, case studies, and tips on buying and selling websites. Earlier this year, the company launched a boutique brokerage to enable selling website assets.

And now comes the news of the official acquisition, which was completed on March 30, 2021. The Website Flip has been consistently on the rise since its inception and this move has put it in a stronger position. After all, FlipWebsites.com has been one of the earliest businesses in the Website Flipping industry. It was founded by Chris Yates and David Gass of Centurica and Rhodium Weekend in 2006.

For six years since then – till 2012, FlipWebsites.com was the one-stop destination for anyone interested in the website investment business. “FlipWebsites.com was a resource I personally read when I got started in website flipping back in 2008. It was the go-to resource for me. We are extremely excited to acquire the business,” says Mushfiq S, Founder, The Website Flip.

It’s from this place of mutual respect and the drive to be the leader in the industry that this acquisition came about. It is bound to boost The Website Flip’s standing in the industry and to push it to achieve greater heights of success. It has already been doing that with its dedicated newsletter that readers can receive thrice-weekly. Packed with case studies, data-driven guides, and information on websites for sale, it has become a huge resource.

Those who want to buy established sites to grow and flip have also been benefiting from the boutique brokerage launched by the company. The Website Flip has been selling content businesses making profits of more than $5,000 per year. The company’s years of experience coupled with the world-class team gives a shot in the arm to clients, whose content is managed with precision and professionalism.

The boutique brokerage works in three easy ways. For starters, The Website Flip conducts an evaluation of the website based on traffic, earnings, market dynamics, and other factors. The company then works with its clients to organize all the required data in the most efficient manner. A sales description is then created around high-level site details, pros, and specific benefits for buyers.

The Website Flip offers its clients three exit routes – direct purchase, classified in the newsletter, or an auction. With a solid success rate in each of these solutions, the company has made its mark with clients. And now with this new acquisition, it is set to take its game to the next level as the market leader in the Website Flipping industry.

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