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Playpen Elite Launches Excellent New Collection

Last updated Thursday, April 22, 2021 06:00 ET

Makes large and safe playpens for babies and toddlers available at affordable rates

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April 15, 2021 -- Playpen Elite has unveiled its collection of playpens that are not only large and safe but also packed with features that make them the best options for babies and toddlers in their formative years.

All parents understand the importance of making the best resources available for their little ones in the early years. Baby Playpens in particular have their advantages because they go a long way in developing their motor skills. The company, which started making playpens as an artistic expression, understands their functionality aspect too and ensures that they are the right choice for kids around the world.

For starters, these playpens are large-sized and extremely spacious. Parents don’t have to settle for anything less than a Baby Play Yard, which offers them ample space for ease of movement. These playpens are so spacious that they can accommodate mini trampolines, toys, and accessories for their fun time. In fact, they can also accommodate other playpens and still have room for babies to play around.

Playpen Elite
Playpen Elite

These soft and safe playpens from Playpen Elite are packed with many smart features for babies’ safety and comfort as well. They are equipped with baby gymnastic rings, which allow little ones to support themselves while they begin to walk. These playpens are also known for their zippered exit, which adds to the functionality. It helps babies navigate around the playpen with ease and it also develops the part of their brain responsible for the sense of direction.

One of the hassles with the regular playpens is the plastic baby gates, which are hard and a hassle. With the little one playing around in the playpen, the hard gate can also be a safety hazard. The risk is eliminated with the soft cloth baby gate that one can find in the playpens by Playpen Elite. It’s one of the many factors that make these playpens safe for babies and toddlers.

Another smart feature of the Toddler Play Yard by the company is its see-through mesh. Now parents can watch over their little ones from wherever they are in the house. It just gives them peace of mind knowing that their baby’s playtime can be monitored with ease. Thus they have become stress-free solutions for parents around the world. Some of the options available in the collection include:

  • Elite Baby Playpen can be purchased for $139.95.

  • A combination of baby playpen and mat is available for $159.95.

  • Playpen with mat, balls, and bundle is an excellent deal for just $179.95.

  • Parents can also shop for Kids Pit Balls for over $39.95.

Parents can buy these great value-for-money products at 10% off by signing up for the latest sales discounts. Playpen Elite also has brilliant offers on shipping etc., which make it the go-to place for parents, who want to buy the best playpens for their little ones.

About Playpen Elite

The company specializes in beautiful large playpens for babies and toddlers that help them develop their motor skills in a safe environment with their primary market being the USA.


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