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Shower Head HQ Expands Inventory in Shower Heads Category

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Shower Head HQ is pleased to share that they have expanded inventory in the showerhead category backed by detailed reviews, buying guides, and product comparisons. There is nothing more refreshing than having a hot shower before starting the day or after coming back from a busy day at work. It is truly a therapeutic experience to stand under the shower and free the mind of stress. This site was created to help customers choose the best shower. It is not just about how good the shower looks or how sophisticated the features are. It is about aesthetics and also saving some water along the way. Thanks to the latest technology, buyers have a lot of options that are in a broad budget range. Here are a few reviews about the most recent launches - MeSun rain shower head with handheld arm, Purelux shower arm extension, Shower envy shower head review, and Alsons standard style shower head.

Shower Head HQ Expands Inventory in Shower Heads Category
Shower Head HQ

MeSun rain shower head with handheld arm offers the best shower experience. This showerhead uses the air-in ultra-thin technology for forced water delivery just like in a rain. With a water flow rate of 2.5 GPM, this product is designed to work on both high pressure and low force water flow. With an easy no-tool installation, users can simply remove the old one and install this new head with no-tool help. Made up of premium materials, MeSun rain shower head with handheld arm is a perfect choice for modern bathrooms. The package comes with a luxury rainfall showerhead, Teflon tape, additional water filter, showerhead arm, and leak-proof rubber gasket.

The Purelux shower arm extension with a high arc long reach water outlet is inspired by the classic shower designs. This design is perfect for those who feel irritated when the shower is too close to the wall. This arm extension can support a 10 and 12 shower head and comes with a standard USA thread link. The kit also comes with a flange and free plumbers tape. For those who are looking for an extension consider buying the PureLux shower arm extension also available in different styles.

Shower Envy shower head review takes buyers through the product in detail. This shower head comes with 200% increased water flow, water-saving by up to 30%, three shower modes for relaxing showers improve hair and skin health by removing bacteria and chemicals from the water. Take home the Shower Ency shower head for a rejuvenating bathing experience. Alsons standard style shower head in chrome finish offers a high-intensity full spray even in the lowest water pressure conditions. An ideal choice for college dormitories or multiple housing buildings, this shower head sprays sufficiently to rinse off the shampoo and reach the entire body that too in record time. The Alsons standard style shower head is also priced affordably.

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