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UCI - União de Créditos Imobiliários Unveils Valuable Information About Home Loans

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Offers cutting edge house credit solutions to those looking to live and invest in Portugal

Amoreiras, Portugal, Portugal, 01/18/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

UCI - União de Créditos Imobiliários, a leading name in the world of house credits, has created a valuable information resource to help people who want to live and invest in Portugal make smart decisions.

A buzzing economy with exciting opportunities, warm and relaxed lifestyle, and stunning beauty of the locale has made Portugal one of the top destinations for people around the world who want to invest and live in the country. UCI has become the go-to place for Portuguese living in the country and abroad, as well as foreign nationals looking for home mortgage solutions to set the ball rolling.

UCI - União de Créditos Imobiliários is part of a strong financial group that has been working in Europe’s real estate sector for more than six decades. UCI is the outcome of a joint venture between Santander Bank and BNP Paribas, both institutions are well known leaders in the financial sector. It has made offering global solutions for home purchase financing needs its specialty. The 95% satisfaction rate with UCI managers and the 98% recommendation rate of UCI customers speaks highly of the quality of services it offers to its clients.

UCI - União de Créditos Imobiliários
UCI - União de Créditos Imobiliários

UCI is different from other financial institutions, they don't require to open a bank account, change bank, or other financial products that are required by other banks like: credit cards, saving deposits, etc... the only requirement is to open a bank account in Portugal.

At the heart of the solutions offered by UCI is its strong belief that people should be able to make sound decisions for their long-term futures. Those looking to buy homes are riddled with many doubts and questions, which make it an overwhelming decision. That’s where the crucial information offered by the financial institution specializing in housing credit has its advantages.

From general information about home mortgage to products and features with detailed descriptions, UCI - União de Créditos Imobiliários has different sections in its vital resource to make things easier for clients. They also have information about various aspects like taxation, insurance, loan repayment options, as well as costs that are involved in this comprehensive information resource.

When people are set on properties they would like to buy, they want to bolster their loan application. In this information resource, they also get to know more about warranties and guarantors, etc., which can help them strengthen their loan application process. UCI - União de Créditos Imobiliários also has a list of common questions people have in their mind answered on the website, making it the only comprehensive resource they need to refer to.

UCI also stays with its clients, both Portuguese in the country and abroad as well as non-Portuguese, every step of the way. From the initial meeting to analyzing the details of clients’ needs and offering smart financing solutions, managing the process to preparation and completion of purchase and sale deed, it guides clients through the daunting steps. And throughout clients can expect impeccable customer support that brings a smile to their faces.

To learn more, visit: https://www.uci.pt/

About UCI - União de Créditos Imobiliários

Part of Santander Bank, one of the biggest financial groups in Europe and a leader in Portugal, the financial institution specializes in granting house credit to people looking to invest and live in the country.


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UCI - União de Créditos Imobiliários (Sucursal Portugal)

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