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The App Developers Envy. No Coding Experience? No Problem.

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The App Developers Envy. No Coding Experience? No Problem.

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Have you ever been together with friends and thought of bringing your big ideas to life? We’re all on our technology more often than not these days, especially after the Pandemic. Thus, it’s only natural to think of building an app to help bring our wildest dreams into reality.

But there’s only one problem…you’re not a developer.

You don’t need advanced engineering to help customize your next big idea and bring your goals to fruition. Instead, you just need flipabit. This app creator platform offers a free, code-free way to build your very own app from scratch. The final product can be used on desktop, mobile, or even tablet interfaces.

With flipabit, you’ll be able to publish your product on the App Store and Google Play store, for both iOS and Android users to download and enjoy. This doesn’t add any extra steps for you as the creator, with flipbit’s cross-platform functionality. Each app you create with the software will be a native app, meaning users can engage with the platform whether they have access to wireless internet connection or not. You can choose from a variety of different app templates when bringing your ideas to life, or, start from scratch like a true entrepreneur.

Flipabit is the ideal software for creatives, startup founders, small business owners, or anyone else who wants to explore the world of development without the years of schooling to back it up. When it comes to growing your small business, adapting your tech offerings can help you reach a wider audience and in turn result in an increase in engagement. After you publish your app to the web, flipabit provides you with the opportunity to run ads, support in-app payments, or customize an online ordering experience for ecommerce businesses. These capabilities are all built-in and require little lift on your end as the creator. This extra step is ideal for anyone wanting to boost brand awareness or customize their services to best meet customer needs.

You can even collect data on your users by using flipabit. Whenever someone downloads your app, engages with the content, submits an order, or shares your creation, you will be notified and able to document all activity. With this knowledge, you will be able to use flipabit’s features to best customize your app offerings, encouraging existing users to come back and return to the app, time and time again. Optimizing and using data to leverage your business is always a good idea.

As a startup founder, small business owner, creative, or anything in between, getting your big idea off the ground can be expensive. Flipabit offers services for free, without the need to hire or contract a developer or engineering team. You won’t have to sacrifice quality or customization as a lack of coding knowlege, either. Flipabit allows users to add animations, widgets, and countless other features to make the user experience entirely unique.

No coding experience or development degree? No problem. Download flipabit and let your biggest ideas come to life.

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