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Buffalo Bills are still favorites to win NFL this season according to the odds

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The Bills have yet to win the title and the oddsmakers are sure that their time has come.

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After the thrilling regular-season opener – where the Buffalo Bills demolished the reigning BIG game champion, the Los Angeles Rams – Bills are still the favorite in BIG game according to the odds. And their performance didn’t go unnoticed by the oddsmakers.

Now, the Bills are all set to take on the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football in Week 2. Being one of the top contenders for the Lombardi Trophy, both fans and bettors have high expectations for the Bills.

Bills History and the NFL Regular Season

Being a Bills fan right now is fun and exciting. But things were not the same in the past. Buffalo Bills made several BIG game appearances between 1991 to 1994. But after years of hard luck, the tide finally changed in 2017 and the Bills then made it to the playoffs every year since 2018.

The Bills have yet to win the title and the oddsmakers are sure that their time has come.

After the devastating defeat from the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional playoff 2021-22, the Bills recovered and made two consecutive playoff appearances. The Bills have now set their eyes on the BIG game.

This year, the Buffalo Bills have what many consider to be the best team in football. With Josh Allen as the QB, Stefon Diggs and Gabriel Davis as receivers, and Sean McDermott returning as the head coach, the Buffalo Bills are the favorites to win NFL this season, according to the NFL betting odds.

Last Thursday, the Bills opened the NFL regular Season with a big road win over the defending champion Rams in 31-10. Even though the score was tied going into halftime, the Bills ruled the game and only self-inflicted injuries kept them from taking a big lead early. Once things were fixed in the second half, the Bills finished the game on a 21-0 run.

But What are the Odds?

Josh Allen is now among the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Just last year, Allen had a 73.8% completion rate, threw for 4,407 yards, and tossed 36 touchdowns. Even if the playoffs, he tossed 9 touchdowns and had a 77.4% efficiency rate.

The number one receiver, Stefon Diggs, after catching 103 passes led the charge for 1,125 yards and 10 touchdowns. And Gabriel Davis is behind Diggs, after breaking an NFL record with 4 touchdowns in a playoff game. Moreover, Dawson Knox caught 49 passes for 9 touchdowns. With Von Miller and Shaq Lawson, the Bills’ defense is now stronger. Lastly, the linebacker core also looks promising.

Having one of the greatest NFL coaches, an exceptional quarterback, and the best defense, the opponents will struggle against the Buffalo Bills this season. However, injuries, lack of focus, and depth may keep the Bills from winning 12 games. Although the team is great, the Bills need to be aware of the value of home-field advantage and learn from their past mistakes to win the BIG game in 2023.

Buffalo Bills Win Prediction

The Buffalo Bills is a promising team and whether you’re a fan or not, putting some money behind this team as a sports bettor is going to win you the bet. But before you wager or bet on any NFL team, you should know how to read NFL betting odds and calculate the winnings.

The NFL bets have many different types ranging from Moneyline and Spread to Future and Prop Bets. Additionally, you can even make money for every dollar you spend by comparing the odds on the odds comparison site.

With a win total projection of 11.5, the Buffalo Bills are currently favoured to win BIG game 57.

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