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New fitness app Remotely makes an impact on the fitness industry allowing people to effectively train from anywhere

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The new fitness app Remotely makes training from anywhere easy and efficient. Brand Marsan, founder of Remotely shares his concept behind the app and what he hopes to accomplish within the industry.

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After finding lots of success as a personal trainer, Brandon Marsan is hoping his new app, Remotely, will allow him to positively impact the fitness journey of far more people.

While Marsan continues to work 1-on-1 with his clients and loves to do so, he realized that in-person classes are not for everyone. Whether it be people who simply do not have an hour in their day, are traveling often, or don’t enjoy the gym, Marsan wanted to design a workout program that can work for just about anyone.

According to Marsan, Remotely is specifically designed to be flexible such that someone can get a good workout regardless of the scenario they find themselves in.

“A lot of times people who are busy or traveling may not have access to equipment which can make it difficult to exercise consistently,” Marsan said. “We designed the app so that it will tailor a workout program to meet whatever your limitations might be. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises that you can do from anywhere.”

Marsan’s aim is to facilitate the closest value possible to personal training sessions that he can, while acknowledging it’ll never 100% replicate being there in person.

According to Marsan, the app is tailored to every individuals’ goals and the workouts progress alongside them.

“Every member fills out a questionnaire and a brief survey to list what their goals are and their current physical capacity,” Marsan said. “The app then tailors a workout program to your fitness level and gradually increases the difficulty as you progress. It will also tell you if you have been consistent. The programs are designed to meet you where you are at and help you progress towards your goals.”

Marsan says this app is the closest thing you can get to real-life training.

“The value of this app is the closest thing you are going to get, working with a personal trainer 1 on 1, in the virtual space,” Marsan said. “You get a professional coach in your pocket 24/7 where you can train from anywhere with little to no equipment.” To sign up for a 7 day free trial for Remotely click here.

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