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Dallas Hairstylist for Women and Men Jada Davino Explains How to Guarantee You Get a Great Haircut Every Single Time

Last updated Wednesday, December 28, 2022 12:56 ET

The 6 steps to guarantee a satisfying haircut every time by Jada Davino Dallas Hairstylist for Women and Men

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A new haircut, dye, or style can leave us feeling attractive and confident, which helps us in every area of our lives, from being perceived as competent at work to dating and relationships. Many times, however, we leave the salon or barber shop feeling disappointed and embarrassed about how our haircut has turned out. Follow these 6 steps to guarantee a satisfying haircut every time.

1. Do Your Research Before Selecting a Stylist

    Just like any other professional you may be hiring to carry out a service for you, selecting a hair stylist must be based on more than just price and who is available to make an appointment soonest. Research stylists well in advance of your next haircut, dye, or style by asking friends, family, and coworkers which local stylists they’ve had good experiences with and which you are better off avoiding. Don’t forget to follow up any recommendations you might receive by checking Yelp and Google Reviews, as well as searching online reviews for good hair stylists that the people you know may not know of. While a friend recommending the stylist they’ve been using for the last decade is certainly well-intentioned, this stylist may not be the best for your needs in terms of quality and fit.

    2. Be Specific About What You Want

      You should go into the salon knowing what you want out of a haircut. The more vague you are when explaining what you want, the more opportunities there are for your hair stylist to make a mistake. For example, instead of saying something unspecific like, “I don’t want it too short,” you should always say something specific like, “Don’t take it above the shoulder.” If you mention specific measurements (i.e. “Don’t take off more than three inches”), make sure you check how much this measurement actually is beforehand instead of just estimating. Three inches is probably a lot more than you think it is.

      3. Bring Some Pictures.

        If you’re looking to get more than just a simple trim or a touch up on graying hairs, bring some reference pictures for the stylist to get a better visualization of what it is that you actually want. You can look for pictures of haircut and styles on Pinterest, on the websites of reputable salons, or in magazines. However, it is crucial to remember that with your unique hair type, facial structure, a receding hairline, and other features, you will not come out looking exactly the same as the pictures you came in with. Expecting this will only set you up for disappointment after your haircut.

        4. Respect Professional Opinion

          Similar to being realistic about your expectations for how perfectly you’ll match a Pinterest model after your haircut, taking your stylist’s advice will help you with overall satisfaction. The haircut or length you have your heart set on may not be the most flattering for the shape of your face, or the color you wanted might make your skin tone look washed out and sickly. An experienced hairstylist will provide you with advice about whether or not they think your selected style is a good match. While you don’t have to completely change your mind based on their suggestions, working together to reach the best style for you will leave you with the most satisfaction.

          5. Sit Still and Sit Up Straight

            It may be somewhat disconcerting to stare yourself down in the mirror while a stylist works on your hair, but you should sit in the chair with good posture and as still as you can, unless directed otherwise. Avoid bending your head down for activities such as looking at your phone or reading a book or magazine, as this affects the way your hair falls, and definitely do not talk on the phone, as this directly disrupts the stylist’s work. The more you shift around and sit with poor posture, the more slips and mistakes the stylist will make that cannot be fixed without drastically adapting the desired hairstyle.

            6. Listen to Recommendations

            Many people choose to ignore the aftercare recommendations that hair stylists provide. For one, many people mistakenly believe that this is just a sales pitch for products that the salon keeps on their shelves, while others simply do not wish to spend the time on this kind of maintenance. However, you should always listen to the recommendations after your haircut, even if you don’t end up buying the exact products directly from your stylist. Particularly if you have had your hair dyed (even just to cover up grays) or your haircut involves any sort of layering, appropriately caring for your hair will not only ensure that your hair continues to flatter you and look polished for longer, it will also protect the health of your hair and scalp for years to come.

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