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Long Island Divorce Mediation, Win-Win Divorce Solutions Expands Services covering Nassau County & All Cities Near you

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Need a Divorce Lawyer in Long Island? Try Divorce Mediation Instead, try our firm's expert services in Long Island, providing professional divorce mediation services for people in the area.

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The mission of Win-Win Divorce Solutions is to provide individuals and couples with the tools and support they need to create a win-win divorce agreement that works for both sides. Their experienced team of mediators will help each party explore their options in an amicable atmosphere, focusing on effective communication and reaching a mutually beneficial resolution.

Litigation can be costly and time-consuming, but with divorce mediation, individuals are able to avoid the courtroom entirely. At Win-Win Divorce Solutions, mediators will guide couples through their issues in a respectful and collaborative way that considers each party's interests.

Quick Overview of Divorce Mediation Benefits

  • Quick Resolution: Resolve your divorce in as little time as possible.

  • Cost Savings: Save money on expensive litigation costs.

  • Tailored Solutions: Create an agreement that is tailored to each individual's needs.

  • Privacy: Keep your personal matters private, away from the public courtroom.

  • Minimal Stress: Avoid the stress and emotional toll of litigation.

  • Preservation of Relationships: Work together to reach an agreement without animosity or hostility.

Win-Win Divorce Mediation Long Island

About Win-Win Divorce Solutions

Win-Win Divorce Solutions is one of the only Long Island divorce mediation firms that offers an impartial co-mediation experience with mediators who have training in both law and social work. If you and your spouse have made the difficult decision to get a divorce, we can help make the process easier, as well as much less of a financial burden for you both. Our divorce mediation services will help you begin to separate in the most amicable way, greatly reducing the financial stress of divorce litigation so you can begin your separate lives as soon as possible. Divorce is never easy for anyone. Finding an amicable divorce resolution will make this choice easier for both of you, better for the children involved, and will begin a mutually amicable path toward your newly transitioned life. Divorce mediation is a choice that can make this difficult time much less painful for everyone involved. The alternative to working together through divorce mediation is a long, drawn-out litigation, which creates stress and fear. Divorce litigation typically involves feuding attorneys, incredibly expensive divorce attorney fees for both sides, and can take years to reach a conclusion. Trials are done in public courtrooms and court records are made public, which is really something you would be wise to avoid. With divorce mediation offices in Hauppauge Suffolk County Long Island, Lake Success Nassau County Long Island & New York, NY we are able to meet closer to you.

With the mission of helping couples achieve a respectful and mutually beneficial divorce agreement, Win-Win Divorce Solutions has been providing mediation services since 2012. The team of experienced mediators specializes in a variety of divorce issues, from property division to spousal support and everything in between.

The mediators at Win-Win Divorce Solutions have worked with hundreds of clients in Long Island and the surrounding areas. All mediators are certified and have years of experience in divorce mediation.

Meet the Mediators:

  • Bradley Berfas — A seasoned general attorney and mediator with expertise in negotiation and collaboration, interpersonal relations, and the art of effective listening.

  • Jeffrey Savitt — A professional Divorce Mediator with an exceptional negotiation/ collaboration skill set who possesses a clinical and diagnostic background as a Medical Case Worker and an MSW degree.

Learn more about Win-Win Divorce Solutions and their services at  winwindivorcesolutions.com.

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