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"Renowned Artist L. Scooter Morris Challenges Viewers with Iconic Imagery in Multilayered 'Sculpted Paintings'"

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Renowned artist L. Scooter Morris has been creating works of art centered around classic iconography.

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L. Scooter Morris has been a professional artist for over 40 years. Describing herself as a “sensory illusionist”, she creates work centered around classic iconography such as dollar bills, hearts, and the American flag. 

These are images which resonate through their blend of familiarity and the deep emotional connection people have with them. Using these iconic images as a template, Scooter creates works that act as a conscience, as well as a sounding board for viewers to see how beauty can cut to the heart of the truth. 

Scooter creates work that break barriers, crosses boundaries, and speaks to the shared aspirations of all people. The work feels as if it is speaking to the specific relationship each viewer has with the iconic image and unifying differing points of view through their appreciation of the work. Having resided in New Mexico for 35 years, Morris also creates southwest landscapes inspired by the state’s majestic vistas. Working primarily with acrylic on canvas and mixed media, she creates multilayered “Sculpted Paintings” in a style that she developed. 


Scooter works in her Santa Fe studio almost every day, allowing pieces to marinate in her head and often juggling multiple pieces at once. This process results in the creation of many different themes and styles leading to a collection of Landscapes, Money Pieces, Flag Pieces, and abstract verticals. Raised in Pittsburgh, PA with her four siblings, her parents encouraged her to pursue her passion for art from a young age. Beginning with classes at the Carnegie Institute as a youth, Morris’s education has taken her to Tyler School of Art, UCLA, USC and Rome, Italy. 

Living in Rome, was an enlightening experience, opening her eyes to both the diversity of the world as well as the similarity of people everywhere. She has exhibited with the Saatchi Gallery and the Louvre, been featured in numerous art books, and had her artwork shown on a 25-story billboard in Times Square. She has worked with the American Cancer Society and First National Bank and had her piece “United States of Gun” adopted as a logo by various activist groups. All the while, her bravery has been her guiding light, giving her the courage to blaze her own path. 

With over four decades of experience, Morris has matured, with work that comments on topics as diverse and vital as world politics, national issues and changing norms. As she continues to hone her technical ability, she also seeks to continue to create pieces that will challenge viewers and have a lasting impact on our society.

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