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British psychologist Lee Chambers receives National Academy Kavli Fellowship

Last updated Monday, March 20, 2023 12:24 ET , Source: Press Release UK

Lee Chambers, the British entrepreneur and scientist, becomes the first Black British recipient of the US Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellowship from the National Academy of Sciences.

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Lee Chambers, the psychologist and founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing, has been selected by the renowned American institute, the National Academy of Sciences, to receive and award for emerging scientific leaders. Chambers, whose business is based in Preston, England, was selected due to his continued work on the mental health impact of the pandemic for maginalised and minoritised groups. He recently travelled to Irvine, California, to receive the Kavli Fellowship, of which 40 are given each year to scientists under 45, who are leading their fields, and leading the future of science globally.

Chambers is the only British-born scientist to be featured in this year's awards, as well as being the first Black British scientist to become a USKFOS Fellow. He joins scientists from eight separate fields for an event, connecting this year's 40 awardees, many of whom are from Harvard, Stanford, MIT and Yale. The award is in its 33rd year, having started in 1989, and is seen as the leading accolade for distinguished young scientists. Since its inception, 18 awardees have gone on to become Nobel Prize winners, while many others are senior leaders in science, academia and technology worldwide.

On becoming a Kavli Fellow, Chambers said, "I've worked extremely hard over the years to try and make a difference, but I never expected something like this as a young boy growing up in the UK. To be internationally recognised by a leading global scientific institute for my work is truly humbling, and to be representing the UK on the biggest of global stages is an honour. I'm excited to learn from my peers and be able to connect with the brightest talent in science. And as I travel to Los Angeles to meet my fellow 39, I recognise the importance of the moment and cherish the opportunity to learn from my peers.”

In addition to leading his field in science, Chambers is also making an impact in business, with his organisation, Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing featured in this year's Startups 100 Index and Elite Business 100, and being recognised for the groundbreaking VR training they deliver. And at the end of 2022, he was inducted into the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, London, for services to business and health.

But despite the success, Chambers sums up his vision with perspective, saying, "Everything is relative after you've had health challenges and had to learn to walk again. I just work relentlessly and with humility to set a good example, inspire the next generation, and leave a legacy I'm proud of."


About the National Academy of Sciences

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a private, non-profit society of distinguished scholars. Established by an Act of Congress, signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, the NAS is charged with providing independent, objective advice to the nation on matters related to science and technology.

The Academy currently has 2,984 members and international members. Existing members elect new members for life. Up to 120 members are elected every year; up to 30 foreign citizens may be elected as international members annually.

About the Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium

Attendance is by invitation only, and attendees are selected from among award winners for early career scientists in the U.S. and abroad. Attendees include Sloan Fellows, Packard Fellows, MacArthur Genius Grantees, Pew Fellows, Searle Scholars, and Presidential Early Career Awardees for Scientists and Engineers. Since the inception of the program in 1989, over 4,000 distinguished young scientists have attended a Kavli symposium and are designated Kavli Fellows.

Run by the National Academy of Sciences, Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium brings together outstanding young scientists to discuss exciting advances and opportunities, emphasizing communication of a wide range of contemporary science topics across the traditional disciplines.

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