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Interstellar Digital LLP Acquired by Miami-based LLC

Last updated Tuesday, May 16, 2023 22:35 ET , Source: Interstellar Digital

Kyle White agrees to his second entrepreneurial exit after Interstellar Digital acquisition

Miami, FL, 05/16/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Interstellar Digital LLP, a leading venture marketing agency founded by Kyle White and Maria Lobanova, has been acquired in full by new LLC, to focus more on public relations, branding, and communication for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition will create Interstellar Digital LLC based in Miami that will offer a full range of digital services to clients across various industries including blockchain technologies and non-fungible tokens. Interstellar Digital is led by Maria Lobanova who has a 10 plus year history delivering success to clients.

Kyle White will remain on as a Partner Advisor with the new company, bringing his expertise and experience in scaling startups and structuring communication success. The acquisition makes this Kyle’s second successful exit from a startup he founded in his career. He is also a sought-after speaker, analyst, and author on blockchain topics having first utilized crypto in 2015. Kyle is an experienced venture marketing Advisor and M&A Executive for over 15 companies raising over $600 million in funding and worked on over $2 billion in acquisitions.

“I’m thrilled to see Maria Lobanova and her team at Interstellar Digital LLC set up this new structure,” said White. “Maria is a visionary leader who shares my passion for creating impactful solutions for clients. Together, we delivered exceptional results and value helping Interstellardigital.io to continue to thrive under her leadership.”

Maria Lobanova will continue on as the CEO of the Interstellar Digital LLP public relations agency. In addition to Interstellar Digital, she is a contributor to top media outlets including Bitcoin Magazine, HackerNoon, and GQ. Maria started in the crypto industry in 2016 meeting with Vitalik Buterin in Moscow early on in her career. Maria has organized tier one crypto events like Cryptospace Moscow with top industry leaders including the CGO of Binance, the CEO of eToro, and CEO of Metaverse. During CryptoRunway at Art Basel in Miami she spoke on the panel with the CEO of Rarible and the CEO of Doodles. Maria organized the Crypto Gala in Miami sponsored by Polygon, Securitize and other notable companies as well as the Gam3r’s Choice Awards.

“I’m delighted to have acquired Interstellar Digital LLP in full,” said Lobanova. “Kyle is a blockchain legend who has built an impressive portfolio of clients and projects over the years. His expertise and insights will continue to be invaluable to Interstellar Digital.”

Interstellar Digital LLC will operate in Miami but continue to have a global presence. The company will continue to offer its signature services such as public relations, communications, influencer marketing, social media management, community management, and event planning.

Interstellar Digital LLC offers a full range of digital marketing services to clients across various industries like web3, blockchain, AI, and high tech. The company was formed by the acquisition of Interstellar Digital Partnership by Maria Lobanova. The acquisition of Interstellar LLP marks Kyle White’s second successful entrepreneurial exit and he will remain as a Partner advisor with the new company. For more information, visit interstellardigital.io or follow @interstellardigitalpr on Instagram.

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