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Olight Marauder Mini 600 Meters Throw LED Flashlight Review

Last updated Saturday, May 20, 2023 01:11 ET

Olight Marauder mini is a very portable, efficient, portable floodlight and spotlight flashlight.

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Olight Marauder mini is a very portable, efficient, portable floodlight and spotlight flashlight. It boasts a range of color options, all of which can be simply switched between without any changes in brightness. With dimmer rotary switches, adjusting brightness levels is a perfect experience, and the lamp even vibrates to indicate when you have reached the lowest or highest setting. Along the dial, real-time indicators show brightness, color, and battery level. The rubber grip surfaces on the Marauder mini give superior hold in any weather situations, and the included sheath permits for simple transport. Charging is a breeze thanks to Olight universal magnetic charging cable, which also gives a complete charge alert. Additionally, the lamp's magnetic back can be used to hang it up.

The lamp also features:

· An LED indicator next to the switch that points out how much energy the battery still has in the match light mode.

· A lock-out mode that mechanically locks the switches against accidental activation, turn the dimmer ninety degrees to unlock the lamp.

· Actively working thermal management system, mechanically switches to a brightness if the temperature is very high

· Four colors of red/white/green/red

General data

· Beam distance: 600M

· Maximum performance 7,000 lumens

· Compatible batteries: Customized 6500mAh 3.7 24Wh 32650 rechargeable lithium battery

· Charging type: MCC3 Magnetic charging cable

· Light source: High performance cool white LED

· Maximum light intensity: 90,000 candela

· Lens/reflector type: TIR lens

· Marauder series

Unboxing the Marauder mini flashlight

If you are looking for a portable and strong flashlight to help you take any adventure, the torch is just the thing. It has a rechargeable battery, and an added MCC3 Magnetic charging cable. You can also attach a lanyard for hands-free ease, plus there is a handy holster that makes transporting it even easier.

And, definitely, you will get a user manual to be completely equipped to use your new light safely and successfully. With all these features, the torch will become your favorite outdoor companion.


Easy to use

The Marauder mini outdoor torch is best for those looking for an illuminated light that can operate with just a single hand. It emits an intense, bright beam of light, best for helping you navigate through darkness, searching for items, reading in darkness. It is made from strong aluminum aircraft, with 3 lights that can adjust its zoom. Marauder mini torch is sure to meet all of your needs for lighting.

If you are searching for a reliable, successful, safe, and easily accessible lighting source for daily use, this Marauder mini torch is the perfect option. It is very light and small, which means it can easily be carried in your pocket or purse to give sufficient illumination wherever you go.

A lightweight design

This special gadget packs a strong punch within a little size. With its strong beam of light, advanced features, adjustable settings, it is best for any scenario that needs lighting. Bring light to your next outdoor adventure or work task with this amazing flashlight.

The long-lasting battery and durable battery life will stop you from getting lost in the dark again. We present this torch, the perfect partner for any outdoor adventure.

This strong and versatile tool provides you an unbeatable illumination source in any circumstances. Its latest design means it can deliver up to 7000 lumens of brightness and is built with top standard materials that ensure highest durability.

Criteria for picking the brightest Olight flashlight

When it comes to picking the brightness of flashlights, there are many things to consider. After all, there are flashlights with various objectives and those that are little more than others. In order to pick the best and brightest flashlights out there, the following things were considered:


The clear factor in picking the brightest torch is the real brightness, which generally means checking the lumens. Anyway, there are a few things that were considered beyond raw numbers. First is the flashlight size. Another is whether the lumens report equal performance.


A brighter torch will drain a battery faster, so ensuring that the torch will last long enough to be helpful is vital. The battery type and life used were both considered when looking at the best of the brightest flashlights.


There is no point in purchasing a flashlight if it will not last. When looking at durability, the longevity of the torch as a whole was considered. Then, whether it can withstand uneven treatment was also kept in mind.


Why do we need an Olight Marauder mini flashlight?

A tactical EDC light is used in many lifesaving conditions. For example, use in case when you want to confuse the attacker who is chasing you. The EDC torch helps in a power outage at work and helps you a lot when you are trapped in an elevator or have to fix your vehicle repairs in darkness.

Do I need an EDC flashlight?

EDC flashlight is short for everyday carry torch. As the name advises, it is a flashlight that you carry with you every day in your backpack or pocket, along with other essentials such as wallet, phone, keys, pens, etc. An EDC flashlight works as a handy light source during night or during a big emergency. They are generally little more than regular flashlights so that you can simply put them in your pockets.

If you are camping or going on a road tour, then you will actually carry some type of emergency light with you. But an EDC flashlight will forever be with you in your pocket and you can use it whenever needed. We do advise you to carry a Marauder mini EDC flashlight.

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