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Temple Launched First Wallet Token on Tezos

Last updated Thursday, May 25, 2023 11:02 ET , Source: PRNEWS.IO

Temple Launched First Wallet Token on Tezos

Kyiv, Ukraine, 05/25/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

On Wednesday, May 24, a significant update was rolled out for Temple Wallet, introducing the release of the TKEY token. This marked a milestone as the first wallet token to emerge on the Tezos blockchain.

Temple Wallet stands out as the foremost and widely used non-custodial wallet designed for seamless interaction with Tezos DeFi protocols, secure storage of NFTs and tokens, and TEZ delegation. It was initially introduced in 2021 and has garnered an impressive installation count exceeding 250,000.

In a recent major update, Temple Wallet incorporated several noteworthy features, including the ability to create accounts through iCloud and Google, in-app swaps cashback, rewards, enhanced delegation options, and the introduction of the Temple Wallet Token, known as "TKEY." Furthermore, a portion of the swap fees collected is dedicated to burning Temple Tokens, as revealed in an official blog post by the developers at MadFish.

The introduction of the TKEY token not only provides users with incentives but also contributes to the promotion and advancement of the broader Tezos ecosystem, with a specific focus on bolstering Temple Wallet.

About Tezos

Tezos, a proof-of-stake (lPoS) blockchain, has gained recognition for its decentralized protocols catering to exchanges, staking, yield farming, lending, and other activities prevalent in the DeFi community. Notably, Tezos has fostered a vibrant NFT community, evident from the popular use of the #cleanNFT hashtag on Twitter.

In 2017, Tezos successfully raised $232 million during its crowdfunding phase, making it one of the most prominent initial coin offerings (ICOs) in history. The Tezos ecosystem continues to evolve, attracting an expanding user base through its low transaction fees and extensive opportunities for growth and engagement.

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