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Penstripe Empowers Educators with New Lesson Planner Range for 2023

Last updated Wednesday, June 7, 2023 23:48 ET , Source: Penstripe

Penstripe, a respected name in the field of educational resources, has just unveiled its long-awaited Lesson Planner collection for 2023.

Leeds, United Kingdom, 06/07/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

As a leading provider of educational resources, Penstripe has crafted an exceptional Lesson Planner range that combines innovative layouts, fresh and captivating designs, and seamless customization capabilities. 

Designed specifically with educators in mind, this collection empowers teachers worldwide to unlock their full potential and revolutionize their lesson planning experience.

Aiming to streamline lesson planning and organisation, the 2023 Lesson Planner range has been developed after extensive research and collaboration with teachers across the globe.

The result is a collection that caters to various teaching styles, curricula, and grade levels, ensuring that educators can find the perfect planning tool for their unique needs.

Key features of the new Penstripe Lesson Planner range include:

  • Bespoke designs: Select from a range of cover styles, including minimalist, modern, and classic designs, as well as a variety of colour options to match your personal aesthetic—or school branding. The new range comes as standard with space for a school logo and details, but can be fully personalised with a full-colour bespoke cover.
  • Tailored layouts: Choose from a variety of pre-designed templates from the Penstripe library, including year and term planners, action planning templates, record of meetings templates, personal training templates, and more. You can customise your planner with a mix-and-match approach for the ultimate personalised planning experience.

The 2023/24 Lesson Planner range is now available for order on the Penstripe website. For more information about the new Lesson Planner range, or to place a pre-order, visit Penstripe's website at www.penstripe.co.uk.

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