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Innovative water treatment provider is crowdfunding to expand operations around the world

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IX Water, a provider of industrial wastewater treatment machines, is crowdfunding to begin sales and services in Southern California, China, and the North Sea.

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IX Water, an innovation company based in Golden, Colorado is using crowdfunding to launch a global program of machines and services to address the issues around wastewater around the world. IX Water is utilizing the funds from thousands of people to start servicing China, the North Sea, and Southern California. The treated water in these regions can be used to combat drought and provide drinking water to large populations. Much of this is industrial wastewater that can be harmful to the health of the body.

According to IX Water, only 30% to 50% of industrial wastewater is being treated or cleaned, and the rest of it is being dumped or reinjected into the earth. According to IX Water many industries fail to properly treat wastewater citing that it is too expensive or complicated.

IX Water utilizes water treatment technology from world-renowned research and development institutions. The company’s approach to removing harmful contaminants provides industries with affordable alternatives to traditional water treatment methods.

The crowdfunding campaign currently underway is funding treatment on demand for oil and gas wastewater. The treated water is suitable for farming and human consumption. This includes complete removal of hydrocarbons, metals, heavy metals, and other noxious chemicals.

The media in IX Water’s machines can be recharged in the field and reused hundreds of times, which eliminates the need for toxic landfills required by existing treatment methods.

Eliminating dangerous pollutants to at or near undetectable levels, IX Water Machines are modular, movable units customized before delivery to remove the components particular to each source. This prescriptive approach allows IX Water to clean the water to the level of safety required by each source location for safe re-use. Each Machine can treat 2,500 to 5,000 barrels (400-800 cubic meters) per day. Modules can be ganged together to create a system that treats up to 50,000 barrels (8,000 cubic meters) per day.

IX Water is leveraging the new crowdfunding capital to address specific regions and vertical market segments. Each of the areas, such as southern California and large parts of China, claim uniquely difficult situations that are excellent for proving the vigor and effectiveness of IX Water machines on some of the world’s most toxic industrial wastewaters.

Many of these dangerous liquid by-products of industry can be found in the oil and gas, hard-rock mining, chemical manufacturing, and solid waste sectors. IX Water’s prescriptive approach can be tailored to local regulations. The environment can be spared, local agricultural operations can benefit, and industry operations can reuse their own wastewater instead of recruiting their area’s precious freshwater resources, a line-item often costly for industry.

The team members at IX Water, schooled at early ages as environmentalists, desire to continue their role in creating a more sustainable economic ecosystem by providing clean water for all. Cleaning industrial wastewater to a level of safe re-usability ensures that valuable freshwater, needed by populations, is not destroyed by factories, mines, and agricultural run-off.

According to the team at IX Water, the economic and sustainability benefits of IX Water machines contribute to positive societal change. They reference that safe sources of water available enables women in developing countries to spend their days working or getting an education, instead of trudging miles each day to fetch water that can still be polluted with deadly metals, chemical, biological, or radiological contaminants.

“We have seen the impact of water stress around the globe,” says John R. (Grizz) Deal, Executive Chairman and CEO of IX Water. “We know IX Water Machines have a lasting and positive impact on people, communities, and their industries. We’re excited every day by our mission to assist industries with their wastewater issues, and of course, to subsequently help ensure there is enough clean water for everyone.”

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