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The Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars Explained by Porsche Car Part Experts

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Ceramic coating provides a range of benefits, from car maintenance to appearance, Design911 review the real benefits and science.

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The Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars Explained by Porsche Car Part Experts
The Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars Explained by Porsche Car Part Experts

Ceramic coating isn't a new technology, but it has been growing quickly in popularity and demand as a way to replace regular waxing and polishing, reduce the maintenance required to keep a car looking pristine, and as a longer-lasting solution than a vinyl wrap. 

With multiple potential solutions to keep high-end and luxury cars in perfect condition, Design911, the online Porsche parts and Porsche specialists, explain how ceramic coating works, what to expect, and the benefits for Porsche and other car drivers looking to preserve the finish and bodywork of their vehicle. 

What Is Vehicle Ceramic Coating? 

Ceramic coating is an application made to the bodywork of a vehicle, adding a new chemically bonded layer that leaves the paint and features pristine, acting like a clear surface protection that stops road surface residue and dirt from impacting the appearance of the car. 

The ceramic is hydrophobic – it repels water and stops dampness and rainwater from accumulating and eventually causing rust and other wear and tear. Ceramic coatings are applied either as semi-permanent or permanent, and the right coating may depend on the age of your car and the type of paintwork or surfacing already used. 

As an alternative to waxing, which has to be repeated every few months, and vinyl, which, while a potentially great customisation option, isn't permanent, ceramic coating (also called nano-coating) is extremely durable and can add a lustre and sheen to make a car stand out from the crowd. 

What Are the Benefits of Having a Car Ceramic Coated? 

There are numerous factors that mean vehicles slowly develop deviations in their bodywork, small patches in the paint, or begin to lose that new-from-the-showroom polished look so many vehicle owners and car collectors prize. Ceramic coating isn’t a miracle cure, but it does offer compelling benefits, especially for drivers who live or travel in busy cities and urban areas – the air pollution in and around London, for example, can mean residues and contaminants in the surface spray are far higher than in rural regions. 

The same applies to drivers who commute long distances, spend extended periods on the motorways, or keep cars in storage space; the advantage of a ceramic coating is far greater since the vehicle is more exposed to bodywork damage and general wear. 

Protection from UV Sun Damage 

During the summer, a vehicle parked outdoors may be exposed to direct sunlight for hours at a time, and while it normally takes at least five years for UV damage to cause noticeable impacts on the condition of the paintwork, this damage begins to accumulate straight away. 

Ceramic coatings are bonded with the paint, stopping it from fading and becoming dull over time spent in sunlight through an anti-oxidation process, which means the paint doesn't react to UV rays as it normally would.   

Defence Against Chemicals 

As we've mentioned, chemicals are everywhere on the roads, and materials such as antifreeze, brake fluid and fuel mixed with the tarmac on major roads and motorways can create an acidic combination that eats away at the paintwork. 

Using a ceramic coating can’t reduce exposure to chemicals, but it means they cannot bond with the paint – making it far less likely the bodywork will be impacted, especially if the car is cleaned periodically.

Easier Car Cleaning 

Speaking of cleaning, a ceramic coating is naturally water-repellent. The dual advantage is not only that the car is much easier to clean and accumulates grime and dust at a far slower rate but that you can keep it looking great with a simple jet wash now and then. 

Unlike waxing, which can make washing your car tricky to avoid removing the wax surface, ceramic coating can't be worn down or washed away, so you can clean it at your leisure without causing any issues. 

High-Shine Gloss Finish 

The final benefit is worth reiterating because the aesthetic of a ceramic coat is one of the most attractive outcomes, adding a deep, eye-catching shine that makes the original paint look as new but with a richer colour. 

Car owners who love to drive a top-of-the-range vehicle, and need their car to look the part, will see a remarkable contrast in the finish when compared to any other detailing techniques or bodywork applications. 

How Effective is Ceramic Coating for Cars? 

The glossy, high-shine finish of ceramic coating is visually stunning, and there are multiple benefits to using ceramics, particularly for premium cars and vintage vehicles that need robust protection from the elements and residues that could damage paintwork and potentially be very costly to put right. 

Ceramic coating bonds with the paint when applied, so although it is easiest to think of as an outer protective layer, it adheres to the paint and makes it multiple times more robust. However, it is important that car owners recognise the limitations since a ceramic coating cannot guarantee that the vehicle will be immune to all scratches and marks – it is a strong surface coating but not 100% invulnerable. 

If you are considering a ceramic coating, you should note that it will not: 

  • Eliminate all risks of scratches and chips from gravel on the road surface – heavy scrapes and sharp impacts will still cause the paint and ceramic coating to show visible signs of damage.
  • Prevent any potential for water spots. Ceramic coating is water resistant, which means water beads and runs off the bodywork rather than pooling. Nonetheless, where road spray is contaminated with materials such as oil, there is still a possibility for water spots.
  • Mean the car never needs to be washed again. The coating keeps the car looking clean and shiny but isn't able to clean itself – ceramic coatings still need a regular wash to remain in outstanding condition. 

A great mechanic, detailer, valet or dealership offering ceramic coating will be able to provide further information about the right product and the limitations on the protections offered, but ceramic coating remains the best product on the market and outperforms all other alternatives.

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