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The Little Hay Co Introduces a Growing Network of Fluffy Brand Representatives With a Taste for Fine Dining

Last updated Tuesday, August 15, 2023 15:18 ET , Source: The Little Hay Company

Who best to represent The Little Hay Co brand than some of the product consumers themselves, and they like to eat well!

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The Little Hay Co Introduces a Growing Network of Fluffy Brand Representatives With a Taste for Fine Dining
The Little Hay Co Introduces a Growing Network of Fluffy Brand Representatives With a Taste for Fine Dining

In a deviation from the norm, The Little Hay Co, a specialist in feeding hay for rabbits and small animal species, has introduced a line-up of brand representatives - with a difference. Rather than using humans to advocate for the quality of the products, the company has enrolled a herd of guinea pigs and rabbits who, after all, know best what they love to eat.

Using animals who actively eat the products produced by The Little Hay Co is a useful insight into the benefits of feeding natural, premium hays and grasses. The Go Wheek family are a good example, noting that they prefer dust-free hay to cater to an allergy that affects one of the four rabbits in the household.

Owners new to small pet species can access tips about how to use hay as a source of enrichment as well as nutrition, where representatives (or their owners!) explain how their pets enjoy burrowing and playing within their guinea pigs hay – essential for bonding and healthy physical activity.

Brand Ambassadors for The Little Hay Co

Each representative submits pictures, comments and feedback about which types of hay, foraging treats and snacks they enjoy most, with a rogues gallery of playful mini lop bunnies, lion mane guinea pigs, and even a few hamsters and other pets joining in the fun.

The six guinea pigs at Panseyted Pigs report a preference for the Cotswold sweet hay, now available with added ingredients such as dandelion, rose, cornflower, parsley, coriander, marigold and sunflower. Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Mr Juniper at Squeeky Wheekers are fond of the timothy hay, a high-fibre hay low in calcium, as a nourishing snack.

Further information about each hay variant and its texture, sweetness and fibrous content is available on the relevant product pages. The Little Hay Co also provides free educational resources such as it’s All About Hay section, explaining the contrasts between hays, and how they are produced to retain a perfect mixture of scent, moisture and natural flavour.

Representatives share their adventures through their respective social media channels, offering viewers and followers generous discounts on any product purchased from the website, with as much as a 15% reduction on pricing.

Following The Little Hay Co Brand Representatives

All the approved brand reps are featured on The Little Hay Co page, with direct links to the Instagram pages of the ambassadors, where discount codes and feeding advice are published regularly, along with general updates about the animals, their quirks and quibbles, and their experiences trying new products.

Over the last few months the company has introduced several additional ranges to cater to a growing demand for high-quality, nutritious food, including the botanicals range, featuring herbs and florals blended into the hay.

Prospective customers can contact the brand to enquire about becoming a new representative or subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates on availability, invites to participate in limited time offers and notices about when new hay variants, bale sizes or treats return to stock.

The nature of the business, farming natural hay in the Cotswold countryside, means that weather patterns can affect capacity to fulfill orders of specific hays, particularly the ultra-popular timothy hay. Alternatives, reduced pricing and flexible subscriptions ensure repeat customers always have a ready supply of delicious hay.

Rising Trends for Ambassadors Over Influencers

The Little Hay Co produces feeding, bedding and treat products designed to meet the health, digestive, dental and well-being needs of the 1.5 million rabbits, 900,000 guinea pigs and 1.4 million chickens kept as pets in the UK. It also makes an important point by choosing to partner with authentic customers who are happily prepared to provide feedback around the way their pets react to each product line.

There is an increasing lack of trust around products marketed by paid influencers, both animal and human, who seem unlikely to have used the products they promote or be genuine fans of the brands they feature.

Acting as a brand ambassador can be beneficial for those with a growing colony of baby buns, but is also informative, with representatives sharing updates as their pets grow and thrive, and showcasing the real-world benefits of prioritising excellent nutrition, bonding and play time.

Switching to real customers, with pets who actively enjoy the products relies on the experiences of pet owners who are just as passionate about the welfare and health of their pets as those buying a bale of premium hay online for their furry friends.

The Little Hay Co has also launched a new rescue support scheme, setting up partnerships to provide discounts for rescue centres on high-quality hay, with special adoption discount codes for adoptive families to enjoy reduced-price hay and snacks when they give a surrendered pet a fur-ever family.

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The Little Hay Co is a producer of premium, high-quality, delicious hay for rabbits and other small animals, based in the heart of the Costwolds, UK. The premium hay producer grows specially selected grass species, harvested at the optimum moment to ensure the creation of quality pet hay, to encourage the best daily intake of food and the best welfare for pets, clean from harmful spores.


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