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Kia Kërr: Rising from the Ashes of Voisey's End, Turning Disappointment into Global Stage

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Kia Kërr's journey from Voisey to Dividend Music Group exemplifies artists' resilience in an evolving music landscape.

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In a story that showcases the resilience and adaptability of modern artists, Kia Kërr has emerged as a shining example of how a setback can lead to unforeseen opportunities. Known for dominating the music scene on the now-closed Voisey app, Kia Kërr's journey from Voisey to landing a management deal is a testament to the endless possibilities presented by the ever- evolving landscape of the music industry.

Voisey, a platform Snap Inc. acquired in 2020, became a hub for aspiring musicians and producers, and Kia Kërr was one of the brightest stars to grace its virtual stage.With a number 1 album and an enthusiastic following, Kia Kërr was devastated when the app's closure was announced.

Reflecting on the loss, she said, "I cried when the app closed.Voisey helped me greatly with my

creative process because you could do so much like art there, and short collaborations with producers around the world."

However, from the ashes of Voisey's ending, a new chapter began for Kia Kërr. Instead of letting disappointment hold her back, she turned to Instagram, sharing her musical talents through short video clips. Little did she know, her enchanting voice would catch the attention of an executive at Dividend Music Group.

Since joining Dividend, Kia Kërr's star has continued to rise. Her music now resonates with hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide, showcasing her unique blend of artistry and emotion. A remarkable milestone was her live virtual performance, which drew an audience just shy of 10,000.

This groundbreaking event was tailored for viewing through Meta's Virtual Reality headsets, bringing a new level of intimacy and engagement to her fans.

The closure of Voisey, announced in the midst of Snap Inc.'s restructuring, marked the end of an era for the music community. Despite its impact, this shift allowed artists like Kia Kërr to find new avenues for their talent and creativity.Voisey's legacy lives on through the success stories of artists who navigated its closure and emerged stronger than ever before.

Kia Kërr has transitioned from primarily creating selfie videos and singing into her Apple headphones to becoming a fully-fledged recording and touring artist. She now presents meticulously produced music videos, all while striving to achieve top-ranking projects beyond the limitations of a mobile app.

The Music Video and her first single off of her upcoming album “Love, Kia Kerr is set to arrive globally on September 8th.

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