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Quickpros Accounting and Ideawins Announce Partnership to Offer Comprehensive Small Business Financial Services

Last updated Wednesday, October 11, 2023 18:45 ET

The new partnership aims to serve small business owners with options they've never had access to from one source.

Cedar City, USA, 10/11/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Quickpros Accounting, a leading provider of accounting and fractional CFO services, has announced a strategic partnership with Ideawins, a business solutions provider. The partnership will enable both companies to offer comprehensive financial services to their clients.

Quickpros Accounting is known for its expertise in bookkeeping, payroll, payroll taxes, and overall financial management. The company’s high-end financial strategy helps businesses run smarter by freeing up time and saving money. Ideawins, on the other hand, specializes in innovative business solutions that help businesses navigate complex processes such as employee retention credit refunds.

“We are excited to partner with Ideawins,” said Jordan Barben, CEO of Quickpros Accounting. “Our combined expertise will enable us to offer comprehensive financial services that will help businesses grow and thrive.”

The partnership will allow both companies to leverage each other’s strengths and provide clients with a one-stop-shop for all their financial needs.

IdeaWins is a small business solutions provider that focuses on 3 main areas of business finances: saving, optimizing, and growth.

Specifically, IdeaWins helps companies save on FICA taxes, increase employee net take home pay, and increase returns on specific tax deductible write offs. All without any out of pocket expenses for business owners, usually resulting in 70k or more in annual savings.

“This is a game-changer for small businesses! Our partnership with Quickpros Accounting magnifies our commitment to helping businesses thrive. We're combining our strengths in savings, optimization, and growth with Quickpros' expertise in financial management. Together, we're offering a holistic suite of financial services that can truly revolutionize how businesses manage their finances. Get ready to experience unparalleled financial empowerment, savings, and growth!” - Tyler Gregersen, CEO of IdeaWins.

The partnership between Quickpros and IdeaWins boils down to a mutual lead-generation strategy that will result in better options for companies seeking bookkeeping, accounting, and high-level financial help.

For more information about Quickpros Accounting and Ideawins, please visit their respective websites.

About Quickpros Accounting

Jordan Barben is the founder and president of Quickpros Accounting, which has been serving small business owners for over a decade. In that time, Jordan has helped small business owners save on taxes and increase cash flow using powerful accounting and tax management strategies.

About IdeaWins

IdeaWins is a collective of small business operations, finance, and insurance experts all with one goal in mind: to help small businesses save, optimize, and grow their business.

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