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The Hicks Law Firm Hits Remarkable Milestone Serving 500 Clients In Just 2 Years

Last updated Tuesday, October 31, 2023 09:59 ET

The Hicks Law Firm, founded by John Hicks, a Marine Veteran and Paramedic has achieved a remarkable milestone of serving 500 clients in mere two years.

San Antonio, Texas, 10/31/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

There's a lot to be proud of when it comes to legal practice. For John Hicks, the proprietor and owner of The Hicks Law Firm, serving 500 clients in just 2 years is one of those amazing milestones. It speaks to John’s passion, commitment, and vision for building a law practice that serves not just the community, but the legal profession as a whole.

Since it started in June 2021, it's been steadily growing its reputation and gaining many clients. John has been in the service for a long time, and he’s not a stranger to the line of duty. He was in the Marine Corps, and he also worked as a fireman and paramedic. His love of service has been his driving force in his career as a lawyer, and he’s now applying that same commitment to his clients.

"I live to serve, and that's a big part of it," Hicks explained. "Building a company and a firm that values serving others, in whatever capacity that means, whether it's the Marines, the fire department, or now, even as an attorney."

In less than two years, the Hicks Law Firm has expanded from a single attorney to a team, with plans to expand further in the foreseeable future. Currently, Hicks is focusing on technology emphasizing on the fact that it is important to build a robust technology stack to streamline their services and handle the large volume of cases efficiently. Technology has been a huge part of their strategy, from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to Client Management Software (CM) software and automation.

John admits that it hasn't been an easy process. He says one of the biggest obstacles has been their rapid growth. Going from nothing to managing a large number of clients in a very short period of time while keeping his paramedic job in check was a juggling act unlike anything he had experienced before. Carrying two demanding jobs and a rapidly expanding law practice was no easy task. It took a lot of careful planning and a great team to make sure everything was running smoothly.

His experience as a paramedic and firefighter has been invaluable, teaching him skills that he's successfully translated into his legal practice. He highlighted the importance of camaraderie and shared goals, aspects of his previous roles that he aims to foster within The Hicks Law Firm's culture. John puts company culture at the heart of everything he does. Like his paramedic roots, John is built on a foundation of shared values and dedication to helping others.

A client of the firm confirms, “John Hicks is an amazing Lawyer I used on my family law case, and his team is really well-organized and efficient. They stay in touch with their clients all the time, and they're always available to answer any questions or give advice. I've been using them for a couple of months now, and I'm sure I'll use them again if I ever need legal help. You won't be disappointed with the Hicks Law Firm - they're the most professional and unstoppable team I've ever had the chance to work with. And the best part is, they actually fight for you! Even though I'm from North East Texas, John would come to me even if it was hours away. You'll definitely want this firm by your side in court.”

John's vision for The Hicks Law Firm in the future is to expand the firm from a solo practitioner’s venture into a multi-office, multi-lawyer firm. He intends to establish a strong presence in Texas and Oklahoma. John’s vision goes beyond simply growing the firm; he wants to create a culture where clients and employees can thrive.

The firm is happy to accept investors who understand the law firm’s mission and would help them grow. As the legal industry continues to grow, The Hicks Law Firm continues to impress with its service and rapid growth.

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