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A Path to Financial Freedom: LIREIA Launches REal Masterminds Jump Start Program

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LIREIA's REal Masterminds Jump Start Program, led by seasoned expert Melissa J. Shea, empowers participants with the skills and knowledge for successful real estate investing.

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The Long Island Real Estate Investors Association (LIREIA), a leader in the real estate industry, has announced the launch of the REal Masterminds Jump Start Program. It is a comprehensive real estate investor education program tailored to suit investors of all levels. The course, spanning six weeks of classes, allows for a structured and adaptable framework for learning.

The Jump Start Program provides participants with a solid foundation in real estate investing by covering various topics. It starts with mindset, personal finance, and credit, progressing to developing strategies and distinguishing assets from liabilities. REal Masterminds takes a hands-on approach, guiding participants in identifying profitable deals within and outside their local areas, simplifying funding processes, and exploring effective lead-generation strategies for both on-market and off-market properties.

Lessons one to three are titled "What It Takes to Become a Real Estate Investor," "Ready, Aim, Hit Your Goals - Strategies and Targets," and "What's a Good Deal?" The following lessons delve into "How to Get Your Real Estate Deals Funded," "Automating Your Lead Generation," and last but not least, "Contract to Closing - How to Get Paid."

Overall, this holistic curriculum ensures that participants grasp theoretical concepts and acquire the practical skills necessary to navigate the landscape of real estate investing. To ensure this, REal Masterminds offers access to 24 expertly curated videos, each breaking down complex concepts into digestible insights.

Recognizing the need for efficient and accessible education in the real estate landscape, LIREIA designed the Jump Start Program under REal Masterminds, the educational arm of its operations. The course ensures a unique learning experience for individuals who are passionate about real estate investing but might be committed to other professional pursuits. LIREIA believes in the power of community and quality, affordable education to survive and achieve financial independence. Hence, it provides resources for guaranteed success, including exclusive opportunities and deals, networking platforms, and education and expert guidance.

Essentially, the Jump Start Program reflects the company's dedication to empowering individuals on their journey to financial freedom. As Founder Melissa J. Shea emphasized, "Our goal is to help empower and educate individuals and families to become financially independent through real estate and business, allowing them to escape the rat race."

Melissa is a seasoned veteran with over 15 years of experience in real estate investing. Her journey in the industry encompasses completing over 500 property rehabilitations, managing a private portfolio boasting more than 360 units, and pooling over $100 million in real estate ventures. As the president of LIREIA, Melissa brings vast knowledge and expertise to the REal Masterminds Jump Start Program, serving as its senior instructor.

Anthony Camardella, the REal Masterminds educator leading the program for real estate investors, remarked, "The primary goal is to keep the American dream alive by helping businesses adapt to clients' shifting behavior and preferences." The distinguished Long Island real estate expert guarantees this by providing tailored guidance and training, assisting agents and investors in utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) tools to boost their efficiency and profitability.

When asked about the driving force behind the REal Masterminds Jump Start Program, Melissa shared two pivotal instances that shaped her commitment to educating others about real estate investing. The first moment occurred in 2001. Aside from nursing heartache and trauma because of the tragic events of 9/11, Melissa had to manage the aftermath of the crisis as the collapse of the Twin Towers mirrored the collapse of her successful travel agency. While coping with inexplicable emotions and witnessing her business crumble, Melissa reflected: "The collapse of my travel agency made me realize how fragile traditional businesses are. It took two full years for the business to recover, and during that time, I saw the true resilience of real estate as an asset."

The second transformative experience occurred in 2007 when Melissa, pregnant and enduring a physically abusive relationship, found herself in a shelter home alongside other women facing similar struggles. Melissa expressed, "I was determined not to become a statistic. Witnessing another survivor return to an abusive relationship due to financial constraints was heart-wrenching. I knew then that financial independence, particularly through real estate, could offer an alternative, a way out for those that find themselves in similar circumstances."

These firsthand experiences strengthened Melissa's resolve to impart the invaluable knowledge of real estate investing as a financial strategy and a powerful tool for breaking free from life's challenges and paving a path toward financial freedom. Ultimately, REal Masterminds Jump Start Program is the fruit of LIREIA and its founder's commitment to equipping participants with the theoretical and practical skills needed for successful real estate investing.

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