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Absolute Translations Relaunches Certified Translation Service for Official Documents

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Certified translations company, Absolute Translations, has relaunched its verified translations services for official and formal documents

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Absolute Translations Relaunches Certified Translation Service for Official Documents
Absolute Translations Relaunches Certified Translation Service for Official Documents

Award-winning certified document translation company, Absolute Translations, has relaunched its certified translation service, offering professional, accurate and verified translations for official and formal documents, including those necessary for visa applications, passport renewals and cross-border relocations.

Absolute Translations, which provides certified translation alongside an extensive catalogue of other translation services, indicates that the relaunch is primarily due to sustained demand and an uptick in international immigration, where organisations such as the Home Office impose strict regulations on the translations it will accept.

Understanding the Use of Certified Translations

Certified translations are accompanied by a stamp or certification from an accredited, recognised and qualified translation provider. A number of organisations have noted that education about the importance of certified translations is essential, with thousands of applicants being rejected due to having used an automated or online translation tool that is not sufficiently accurate or reliable for official applications.

As a provider with dual ISO accreditation and membership in multiple quality assurance organisations, Absolute Translations is keen to clarify when a certified translation is required and why a professional, precise translation is often preferable, even if certification is not mandatory.

While applications linked to legal processes, visas and affairs related to the UK Passport Office and Home Office always require a certified translation, this may be equally important for British clients relocating overseas.

For example, a university candidate applying to an international educational facility may need to present a certified translation of their grades and a transcription of the credits or level of qualification achieved thus far to be considered.

Applications Where Translated Materials Must Be Certified

Alongside the above scenarios, any official documentation that needs to be translated from one language into another should be supported by a certification. This process authenticates the translation as genuine and assures the processing recipient that the details within the translated document are reliable and have been quality-checked for accuracy.

Certified translations are normally the only accepted translation for:

  • Marriage, birth and death certifications.
  • Academic certifications and transcriptions.
  • Formal contracts and agreements.
  • Legal documentation and forms.
  • Passport and visa applications.
  • Medical and insurance records.
  • Divorce certification and settlement agreements.
  • Driving licence translations.
  • Adoption and child custody documentation.

Absolute Translations has an extensive team of specialist translators and can offer translation in over 200 languages and dialects, whether translating a document or contract from an overseas country into English or vice versa.

The business can also manage multiple translation projects simultaneously when a client needs a document translated into more than one language. Each completed translation is individually certified to ensure the paperwork is compliant.

Selecting a Certified Translation Provider

Certified translations are essential for documentation, including passports, bank statements, and governmental applications, and should always be verified by a provider who is established, reputable, and has the necessary expertise to confirm that a translation is 100% accurate.

Each certification should comprise a signature, stamp and date, either signed by the translator who has worked on the document or on their behalf by the translation team – normally verified by the senior quality controller or translation supervisor following a review to clarify whether the translation has been cross-checked for accuracy.

Sergio Afonso, CEO of Absolute Translations says, 'We decided to relaunch our certified translation service due to ongoing and increasing demand. Part of this is the appeal of travel, where clients come to us to assist with visa processing requirements when applying for a digital nomad visa or deciding to relocate to another part of the world.

We have also seen a higher volume of requests where clients have encountered difficulties due to incomplete or inaccurate translations being rejected, either because the translation has not been appropriately certified or because some of the content within the translation is non-compliant for another reason.

Our highly skilled translators offer flawless accuracy and attention to detail. We have years of experience providing technical, specialist and official translations. Absolute Translations can provide translation for any documentation, including foreign-issued paperwork that must be translated into English for use within the UK.'

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