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From Recruitment Expert to HR Innovator: Lori Wimmer's 20-Year Journey to Simplified HR

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Lori Wimmer's journey from over 20 years in the recruitment industry to founding Simplified HR showcases her expertise and commitment to redefining HR solutions.

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Finding the right talent can make or break a business. Lori Wimmer, a master recruiter and business leader with over two decades of experience, made it her mission to become a trusted advisor for businesses seeking top-tier talent. Her journey from a seasoned recruiter to the founder of Simplified HR demonstrates her passion for developing effective solutions in the recruitment industry.

Lori began her professional career in 2004 after joining Elwood Staffing Services, Inc., a privately owned corporation in Indiana. She started in a sales and marketing role but transitioned to human resources (HR) as she felt more drawn to HR law and the complexities of building strong teams. Lori eventually assumed the role of district manager in the company, expanding the corporation's footprint.

After 18 years of overseeing multiple branch locations and ensuring compliance while building high-performing teams, Lori reached a turning point. She shared, "I had a realization, like many others who were affected by the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. I noticed that there's a gap in the industry. There's this need for HR support tailored to small business owners."

The master recruiter recognized that small businesses and entrepreneurs excelled in delivering their products or services but often struggled with building and managing effective teams. They tend to juggle various responsibilities without the expertise or resources for efficient HR management. Lori established Simplified HR to fill this gap.

The company serves as a personalized HR concierge team with multiple offerings, including fractional HR services. Fractional HR is a relatively new concept in the business world. It entails providing small businesses the opportunity to access experienced HR professionals like Lori without the financial commitment associated with full-time hires.

Partnering with Simplified HR means business owners can tap into Lori's decades of experience in HR management and team building. They can gain valuable insights and support to optimize their human capital strategies.

It is worth emphasizing that while Simplified HR assists clients with recruitment, it primarily focuses on providing comprehensive HR solutions that address organizational development, team effectiveness, performance management, and employee engagement. "Simplified HR is like the other set of eyes for business owners. They can focus on their respective goals while we handle the nitty gritty aspects of HR," Lori supplied.

The overall process begins with an assessment of the client's needs. Lori and her team meet with business leaders to identify areas within the business that lack organization and consume valuable time, particularly in team management. This step often involves clarifying job descriptions and setting up accountability structures to track success in each role.

Simplified HR becomes an extension of the client's team, handling quarterly reviews. It conducts one-on-one meetings with staff and administers net promoter surveys to gauge employee engagement and satisfaction. The company operates on a 12-month program, given that it acknowledges that significant change takes time and, therefore, gradual implementation is critical to success. This process ensures a smooth transition and maximizes employee buy-in.

Lori shares an example illustrating Simplified HR's impact: "We worked with a client who runs a medical spa with a team of seven professionals. They were all experts in their respective fields, but the team lacked clear job descriptions and performance metrics. So, we created detailed job descriptions and identified measurable tasks to track each team member's progress. Our client was able to address the issues they otherwise wouldn't have noticed because of this process. Now, each team member contributes to the business's success."

This instance shows why Simplified HR stands out as an HR solutions provider. Many HR consultants focus on establishing a positive work culture, but under Lori's leadership, the company takes a more unique approach. "We don't just preach on culture. We help you identify culture with structure," the founder added.

Lori Wimmer's passion for supporting business owners stems from her genuine enthusiasm for helping others succeed. This is the very reason why, besides her expertise in the field, entrepreneurs and small business owners seek her services. Ultimately, Simplified HR, led by its forward-thinking founder, will redefine talent acquisition and HR services for many years to come.

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