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Prime Music Institute Making Dreams Come True: DFW’s 1st Private Music School to Perform at The Carnegie Hall

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Just two years after its creation, Prime Music Institute, led by Dr. Yinhui “Stacy” Li, performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City, inviting musicians and their families on a heartwarming adventure.

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For every music virtuoso, enthusiast of chords, or melody genius, Carnegie Hall in New York City is a temple admired from afar, a final step that honors one’s musical career. The renowned music hall, established in 1891, has for centuries been a place where talented individuals, choirs, or music school groups eagerly strut onto the stage, break into songs, and pour their hearts out, enchanting thousands of spectators, all connected by a shared love and appreciation for captivating sopranos, impressive baritones, charming instruments, and magical voices.

The day was June 23rd, 2023 - the temperature in New York reached 70° Fahrenheit, city lights were dimmed under cloudy skies and moody rains, and the dreams of many aspiring musicians from the Prime Music Institute came true inside the Neo-Italian Renaissance walls of the Carnegie Hall. Founded in 2021 by Dr. Yinhui "Stacy" Li, Prime Music Institute (PMI) reached a milestone musicians yearn for just two years after its establishment, becoming the first school in the Dallas Fort Worth area to perform at Carnegie Hall, a testament to the school’s top-level expertise and devotion to conveying knowledge and sharpening skills of vocal and musical devotees.

A culmination of Stacy’s lifelong passion and extensive musical education, Prime Music Institute offers a vibrant array of opportunities for aspiring musicians, regardless of their age, experience, or goals. In China, Stacy’s birthplace, she began piano lessons at the age of five, rapidly improving her skills. Finding a calling for some people takes years, sometimes decades, of various careers and experiences; Stacy, however, always knew the musical path was hers to follow. Her musical artistry was accoladed by a full scholarship from the Bowling Green State University in Ohio and the Florida State University, where she completed her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Piano Performance.

With two degrees in her hand, Stacy began teaching piano lessons to children, teenagers, and adults, first from the comfort of her home. “My private home studio will forever evoke gratifying memories,” says Stacy. “But I always had a vision to expand it, host more events, and connect more people through music.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Stacy was doing online classes, and the dream of establishing a full-scale institute fizzled back onto the surface. In the midst of a global pandemic, Stacy and her husband took a leap of faith, risking their life savings, and established the Prime Music Institute with no prior commercial experience. In April of 2021, Stacy started recruiting students, seeking the most qualified teachers, and turning her first business into a symphonic sanctuary where no dream is too large to attain.

Just two years after Stacy materialized her vision, she proved that no dream is, indeed, too big. Inspired by witnessing her students flourish, Stacy reached out to Carnegie Hall, submitted a proposal, and waited for a response. While her logical side tried convincing Stacy that Carnegie Hall was out of PMI’s reach, her heart and gut feeling remained optimistic. When the opportunity to perform in New York revealed itself after an intense audition process, Stacy, PMI’s teachers, selected students, and their families traveled across the country, uniting together in the name of music.

“More than a milestone symbolizing Prime Music Institute’s expertise, performing at Carnegie Hall encapsulated the magic of music. More than 25 families gathered together, turning an already meaningful event into a wholesome family trip, where laughter, tears of happiness, ecstatic gasps, and blissfulness came together in a captivating symphony,” shares Stacy.

“The standing ovation we received as the first DFW private music school at Carnegie Hall was the perfect crown on top of a delightful day, one myself and my family will cherish forever,” a sentiment shared by one of PMI’s Carnegie Hall performers. For many students, this experience further ignited their passion and commitment to establishing a musical career with PMI helping them lead the way.

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