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Holistic Approach to Creativity: Prime Music Institute Embraces All Forms of Art

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Prime Music Institute, devoted to perfecting students’ musical skills since 2021, plans on expanding its horizons and offering extensive art education opportunities.

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Whoever said music and arts are only for the chosen ones certainly hasn’t met Yinhui “Stacy” Li. After honing in on her piano performance skills since she was five, receiving full scholarships from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and Florida State University, and teaching curious music virtuosos and aspiring artists in her private home studio for years, Stacy established Prime Music Institute (PMI) in 2021, an ode to her beloved art—music.

Yinhui Stacy Li

Enclosed inside the walls of Prime Music Institute, eager students, varying from children, young adults, and those in their sterling years, gather together inside inspiring classrooms, opening their hearts and brains to the extensive knowledge shared by respected musical personas. The mentors selected by PMI boast diverse educational backgrounds and various specializations, together fostering an exclusive environment for all symphonic connoisseurs.

April 2021 marked the beginning of PMI recruiting students and teachers. Uncertain of the future, Stacy didn’t have any expectations for the private school’s success. Much to Stacy’s surprise, her clear vision and commitment to providing an elite level of education rapidly garnered the attention of aspiring musical prodigies, and PMI’s available spots were filled in the blink of an eye.

“Our teachers are very accommodating and stay on current teaching trends, whether it’s digital advancements or new methodologies. PMI is also family-forward, striving to improve human bonds with every guitar string played, every piano key pressed, and every chord vocalized,” adds Stacy.

Currently, the private school offers a melody-filled sanctuary for over 200 students. PMI’s efforts to foster an all-embracing musical oasis were recognized by the cornerstone of the US music scene, Carnegie Hall, where Prime Music Institute performed in June 2023. Watching students and their families come together in glee, surrounded by ecstatic applause and standing ovations, strengthened PMI’s family-oriented approach.

“The more students we’ve attracted, the more events we’ve hosted, and the more lives we’ve touched, our connection with scholars and their families grew. We’ve established an unbreakable trust between us, attendees, parents, and relatives, and they all appreciate our thoughtfulness and comprehensive approach to musical education. But we understand music doesn’t appeal to everyone. That’s why we want to expand PMI and embrace all forms of art, from painting, sculpting, theater, and more,” says Stacy.

Stacy’s vision of expansion symbolizes a new era for PMI, one where all creative souls can unite, inspire each other, and create passionate, moving songs, melodies, portraits, landscapes, sculptures, and scripts. The DFW area is a prime location for PMI due to the rapid nature of growth in population inviting both families and aspiring artists. In the transition from being a music facility to a multi-faceted artistic haven, Stacy is committed to selecting teachers with the same level of expertise as PMI’s piano, vocal, violin, and clarinet masters.

“We firmly believe in a holistic approach to life, and that’s what’s driven the decision to expand Prime Music Institute. Learning arts is extremely beneficial and brain-stimulating, and we want to connect as many people as possible through creativity,” shares Stacy. “Everyone at our school is accepted, no matter their level, age or experience. Our staff and students are extremely diverse, and the only binding thread is their love for art.”

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