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Empowering Global Businesses through Imports & Exports: The Rise of Grupo Map Business

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Grupo Map Business exemplifies excellence in providing export solutions for international trade facilitation, catering to the needs of businesses seeking to expand their global presence.

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Accompanying the rise of globalization is the soaring potential for business expansion, and one sector that holds promise for immense growth is through imports and exports. Developing startups and seasoned enterprises can leverage exporting to capture expansion opportunities. In other words, venturing into exports and imports enables companies to capitalize on the full potential of untapped markets while catering to the changing consumer appetite for quality products.

Grupo Map Business, a leading international trade and development company based in Brazil, Portugal, and the US empowers businesses to navigate international trade with ease. It assists companies in planning, prospecting, and internationalizing their businesses, positioning itself as a leader in facilitating cross-border transactions and global market expansions.

The innovative company is known for optimizing international trade processes and developing effective strategies tailored to each client's needs. Its portfolio encompasses enterprises from various services like B2B, including alcoholic beverages, beauty products, clothing, fashion accessories, lingerie, and swimwear. Grupo Map Business also provides specialized services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for mineral, agriculture, and hydroelectric sectors.

Grupo Map Business' mission is to help businesses overcome the initial obstacles when venturing into new markets. Using their knowledge and experience from importing and exporting across Brazil, Portugal, and the US, (under the name MICALE SOLUTIONS) it analyzes each client's products and understands their specific requirements to provide personalized guidance and support to ensure a smooth entry into international trade.

Alessandra Marcelino, the founder, and CEO, showcases Grupo Map Business' impact by sharing the outcome of its collaboration with a prominent technology firm. "The company was struggling to expand in Brazil, so they sought our assistance to help them navigate the local market. We facilitated their import process and guided them every step of the way so they could better understand the market dynamics in the country," she recounts. This approach inevitably led the firm to grow and achieve immediate success.

The international trade and development company also ensures that clients are well-prepared to overcome potential challenges. The founder shares another instance where a client encountered regulatory issues while entering the Brazilian market due to the lack of required licenses. They then sought the expertise of Grupo Map Business to solve said challenges and, at the same time, avoid costly delays and setbacks.

Grupo Map Business' success in serving as a business extension of its clientele in foreign trade can be attributed to the vision of its founder. Marcelino has been passionate about marketing and business from a young age. She handled her family's business, allowing her to gain valuable knowledge and experience in running a company.

The seasoned professional realized that her calling was in foreign trade during her time at university. She then established the company in 2006, previously called Map Logistics, with the goal of providing top-notch logistics solutions to businesses engaged in international trade.

The company immediately earned recognition for its innovative approach and commitment to customer satisfaction, establishing itself as a trusted partner in the industry. Therefore, in 2008, it rebranded to Map Business to signify the beginning of its service expansion following the demand for it.

From Map Business, the company took the name Grupo Map in 2013 as it made it its mission to support businesses engaged in importing and exporting. Deciding to focus as an interlocutor and business executor, it changed its visual identity and took its final form as Grupo Map Business in 2017.

Now, it offers multiple services to address client needs within the international trade landscape. Besides providing custom, logistical, accounting, legal, and financial assistance, the forward-thinking company assists with account-and-order, international prospecting, sourcing, internationalization, strategic planning, roadshows, and international fairs. In addition, it provides consulting services, assisting clients with various aspects of the Brazilian tax system and facilitating export processes to increase their competitive advantages internationally.

Marcelino highlights Grupo Map Business' distinguishing factor. "We prioritize learning about our client's products. This includes their characteristics, uses, and potential adaptations. We also conduct extensive research on market trends and competitors so that we can give clients accurate insights," she remarks. With more than 600 customers who have used one of the Grupo Map Business services and with more than 60 countries already negotiated and studied in different sectors and products, the Grupo Map Business provides the customer with a safe and lasting experience.

The founder also emphasizes that Grupo Map Business recognizes the importance of cultural nuances in marketing and communication strategies. With her decades of experience in the industry, Marcelino states, "Another factor that makes us stand out is our culturally sensitive approach. We understand better than anyone that language and cultural differences can impact consumer perceptions and receptivity to products. So what we do is ensure that the product messaging and branding resonate with the intended audience," she adds.

Ultimately, Grupo Map Business ensures the successful expansion of businesses into global markets by prioritizing consumer preferences, cultural nuances, and excellent client support. Founder Alessandra Marcelino anticipates a shift towards more localized consumption but believes that international trade will continue to thrive, given the advancements in technology. She envisions Grupo Map Business acting as the bridge between businesses worldwide within this shifting landscape.

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