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A Changing Tide in Spirituality and Religion Indicates a Societal Shift Toward Compassion and Love

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Spiritual practitioner Lisa Chasse says society should embrace fluidity in their spiritual and religious practices and focus on self-reflection to find a deeper purpose in today’s world.

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Religion and spirituality have driven humanity and the development of modern civilization since the beginning of time. Believing in a higher power provides an enhanced sense of purpose and hope. In the modern context, it feels as though religion and spirituality are in a never-ending duel. One system is trying to prove its superiority despite the importance of integrating both wholes into your life. Lisa Chasse, a spiritual practitioner and channeler of source, shares her thoughts about society’s attitudes and what we can do to find greater meaning in today’s fast-moving world.

The historical roots of spirituality and religion highlight humanity’s desire to understand the world and our place in it. Across millennia, people have found solace in the word of their God or higher power. All over the world, people are searching for the answers to these ‘soul questions.’ They want to understand their ancestry, their reasons for existence, and how to live the best life according to spiritual or religious standards.

In contrast to religion’s organized, traditional, and sometimes exclusive nature, spirituality emerges as a formless, evolutionary practice. Spirituality moves away from religion’s often institutionalized belief systems and focuses on developing self-awareness. Due to spirituality’s boundless nature, many people find it difficult to describe what the term means to them and how they practice it.

Since spirituality departs from ancient religious systems, it is also misunderstood in society. Throughout history, people who have gone against houses of worship to follow their own beliefs often became pariahs. This practice has lessened as religion is no longer a pinnacle in everyone’s life. Yet, many people are still close-minded about new spiritual frameworks. As the world develops, investing in spiritual journeys will become more acceptable. This will enable people to explore their beliefs without the conventional restrictions of religion.

Research has already indicated that society is becoming more accepting of spirituality, particularly youth. A 2023 study showcased that 7 in 10 American adults identify as spiritual, and 83% believe in the idea of a higher power, whether it be a personified God or something less conforming. These beliefs are mirrored in Gen Z adults who enjoy creating a unique spiritual or religious practice. Over 60% of this group resonates with multiple parts of different religions. Many of them still use traditional methods of connecting with their faith, such as prayer, but they also engage in meditation, art as a form of healing, and spending time in nature to connect with a divine source.

While exploring your religious and spiritual beliefs, it is important to understand that everything is good in moderation. Regardless of what systems you identify with, it is critical to have an unshakable connection with yourself to pinpoint when you are overly indulging in behaviors or mindsets that might damage your mental health. For example, the New Age movement during the 1970s and 1980s was a catalyst for liberation, but it also became a breeding ground for cults that stripped members of their identity.

Lisa Chasse, a spiritual practitioner and channeler of source, advocates for an individualized idea of spirituality and religion. By forming your beliefs outside of a group, you have more power on your spiritual journey and are less likely to be negatively influenced by peers. For Lisa, who was always interested in the meaning of life and God, spirituality has become her outlet. She uses this area of life for self-expression and clarity. As her awareness of spiritual concepts has grown, Lisa’s understanding of the world has also transformed. She sees her clairsentience and claircognizance–the intuitive ability to sense feelings and know things that aren’t apparent–as a typical part of all humans.

“I believe everyone has spiritual gifts, but not many tap into those abilities,” Lisa says. “Once we suspend our disbelief and become open to the idea that we are here to heal ourselves and others, we recognize magnificent opportunities for self-discovery. There is always a chance to guide someone toward their higher purpose by exuding love and compassion to every being.”

Growing up, Lisa was careful to express her spiritual beliefs. Most of the time, she was viewed differently for her non-conformist thinking. “I have daily contact with my spiritual team, who protects me and provides me with important messages,” Lisa shares. “These beings are often historical or religious figures and can sometimes be energy only. It’s tiring to connect with these higher beings, but it’s important to speak about my experiences to help society care for one another and raise the vibration of our planet.”

Overall, the world is drastically shifting its perspective toward religion and spirituality. If you are interested in incorporating these beliefs, step outside your comfort zone and embrace nuance. In the shades of gray, you will find more peace, clarity, and belonging.

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