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Over 200 passionate programmers participated in The Bucharest Hackathon 2024

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The Bucharest Hackathon brought together over 200 programmers to compete in developing innovative software projects. The top three teams won prizes totaling $30,000, with special awards from partners.

Bucharest, Romania, 04/29/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

BUCHAREST, Romania — April 29, 2024 — On April 14th, the Odeon Theater hosted the second edition of The Bucharest Hackathon, the first hackathon in Romania dedicated to enthusiasts of new technologies. The competition brought together over 200 amateur and senior programmers, both Romanian and foreign, who came from Bucharest as well as from other cities in the country, such as Cluj, Brasov, or Craiova. For 24 hours, they coded and competed in developing software projects that tested the limits of modern technologies. The top three teams won the grand prize of a total value of $30,000, but 25 teams were also selected to receive special prizes from the partners. For the final competition, 35 teams were selected.

“The Bucharest Hackathon is attracting more and more participants. I was impressed by the level of competence of the teams and projects and their achievements in only 24 hours. The jury members, most of whom have international experience, appreciated the location and organization, stating that they felt like they were at a hackathon in Silicon Valley. Genezio was chosen by more than half of the teams to implement their solution.” Andrei Pitis, CEO & Co-founder of Genezio

“From the moment we saw the first registrations for the event, we realized that we were going to have a completely different edition: an iconic location, much bolder ideas, much more creative solutions, but also a considerable effort - and so it was. The Bucharest Hackathon was truly an emotional roller-coaster: from the trust in the colleagues on our team to the transformation of an idea into a product, and to the decisive moment when you find out if you are among the winners,” said Flavian Manea, CEO and co-founder of Bware Labs.

“At MultiversX, we are proud to support innovation and entrepreneurship in our tech community. The partnership with The Bucharest Hackathon underlines our commitment to the future of technology and innovation in Romania. We are excited to see such creative ideas turned into reality and provide the necessary support for these projects to become successful startups”, Daniel Serb, VP of Business Development of MultiversX.

Each of the three winning teams received prizes worth over $10,000, as well as Amazon vouchers worth $15,000, while the teams that won special prizes from the partners received $20,000 in vouchers on the Blast platform, developed by Bware Labs, $10,000 in Genezio vouchers, two startup support prizes from MultiversX, a special prize from Google: Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) smart speakers, an innovation prize from PiSquared worth $2,500 in vouchers and $2,000 in consulting vouchers from Astrarizon.

Fork_Exec, Salty, and Awesome Hackers are this year's winning teams at The Bucharest

This year’s grand prize of $5,000 was won by the Fork_Exec team, made up of Dejanu Alexandru, Opri Cezar, and Dumitru Iulia. Fork_Exec developed a software solution based on speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies that allows programmers to automate parts of coding based on voice commands.

Second place, worth $3,000, went to the Salty team, composed of Kerimberdi Agayev Kaibov Merdan and Cihan Ilhan. They proposed an application for high school students to receive guidance on complex math problems. The application takes the user’s handwriting and, combining OpenAI and AWS Cloud technologies provides the answer to the problem almost instantly.

The third prize, of $2,000, was won by the programmers from the Awesome Hackers team, namely Puiu Răzvan, Ene Cosmina, and Manea Lucas. Awesome Hackers created a neural data collection platform designed to help improve cognitive function and focus.

In addition, two of the participating teams will receive support from MultiversX so that their ideas can reach the startup stage (Awesome Hackers and Mental Regression). Among the special prize winners is also the Wildcard team, who received a Nest Hub 2nd Generation from Google. The jury was made up of tech experts, IT entrepreneurs, and top executives from the companies: Genezio, Bware Labs, MultiversX, Google, Stripe, PiSquared, XOXNO, and Amazon Web Services. For this edition, the main partners Genezio and Bware Labs, the co-founding companies of The Bucharest Hackathon project, were joined by the Romanian blockchain company MultiversX.

Among the partners of the second edition of The Bucharest Hackathon are the companies Stripe, PiSquared, XOXNO, Google, Amazon Web Services, Astrarizon, and xExchange. The event was sponsored by Orange Romania, AQUA Carpatica, Blue Romania, Domeniile Averești, Komoder Romania, Nespresso Professional, and Good Routine by SECOM, with media and communication partners Republica, Innovation Labs, ETH Bucharest, Caracteristic PR, KCD Romania, and the Student League Electronics.

About The Bucharest Hackathon
The Bucharest Hackathon is a 24-hour competition dedicated to programmers and enthusiasts of modern technologies, such as AI, Dev Tools, blockchain, and others. Although initially dedicated to those in Bucharest, the event welcomed programmers from other cities or countries in both editions. The event was founded by Bware Labs and Genezio in 2023 to provide enthusiasts of modern technologies with the space, resources, and challenges they need to develop themselves and test both their limits and those of new technologies.

About MultiversX
MultiversX is a highly scalable, secure, and decentralized blockchain network built from first principles, to solve the two fundamental problems critical for widespread, global adoption: a transition from dialup to broadband, and a significant UX paradigm shift.

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