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Sean Bloom sets sights on $2B real estate deal

Last updated Monday, April 29, 2024 20:01 ET , Source: Sean Bloom

Sean Bloom announces plans for a Las Vegas real estate development project projected to cost around two billion dollars.

Las Vegas, United States, 04/29/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Sean Bloom, a 21-year-old Las Vegas entrepreneur, is excited to announce a proposal for a Nevada-based real estate project with a cost estimate of over $2 billion.

“I’m really excited for all the people/families we’re going to help with this project and the thousands of jobs we will create.”

The proposed real estate project, a significant step towards addressing the inventory crisis in the Las Vegas market, proposes the development of several thousand habitable units across Nevada.

The project includes many affordable housing units, which aim to alleviate the city's affordability concerns.

“The affordable housing Crisis, especially in Vegas, is extremely concerning. The fact that there is a 100,000+ shortage is mind-boggling to me. Even just these couple thousand units we’re building make us the largest workforce housing project in the United States.” -Sean Bloom

Another goal of Bloom’s real estate development project is to create an uptick in jobs in Nevada, a state ranked third in America for the highest unemployment rates.

As of March 2024, the unemployment rate in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) was 5.1%, showing a slight decrease from 5.2% in February 2024.

Sean Bloom states, “I believe that people want to work, but they need jobs. Much of our two-billion dollar real estate development plan involves channeling funds into creating construction, remodeling, management, and landscaping jobs.”

While the project has not yet been officially launched, Sean Bloom says he is excited to announce that it is in the pipeline and hopes it will officially commence by the end of Q2 (2024).

Sean Bloom will spearhead the real estate development project alongside his father Jay Bloom.

For further information and updates, visit Sean Bloom’s official website.

About Sean Sean Bloom

Sean Bloom is a twenty-one-year-old investor and entrepreneur from Las Vegas, Nevada. Sean is the son of real estate investor and developer Jay Bloom. Sean leads as the president and managing partner of the Bloom Family office.

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