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Involatus Carrier Consulting Innovates All-In-One Services for the Aviation Industry, Expanding its Reach Globally

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Involatus Carrier Consulting is at the forefront of innovation, as one of the first hybrid companies that offers all-in-one virtual airline, airline consolidator, and airline aggregator services.

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The rise of advanced technology has taken the aviation industry a long way in serving travelers all around the globe. The age of digitization allowed engineers to build optimal flight search engines that are easily accessible for booking flights and create online applications for customer care services. These flight search engines and online applications have created a tremendous advantage for the industry to increase customer satisfaction rates and reach more clients worldwide.

In the diverse landscape of the aviation industry, Involatus Carrier Consulting GmbH is at the forefront of innovation, as they are one of the first hybrid companies in the market that offers all-in-one virtual airline, airline consolidator, and airline aggregator services. By acquiring exclusive distribution rights for full charter capacities and airline contingent from renowned carriers, they are committed to providing unparalleled business-to-business services for tour operators and searchers as they collaborate with the leading flight meta-search engines to give their clients more visibility and accessibility of their offers globally.

Involatus is a Germany-based company that started in 2011, reselling exclusive content from more than 200 different airlines. They distribute seat allotments to prominent German tour operators and facilitate flawless travel experiences for millions of passengers, offering all-inclusive solutions to meet the needs of their partners and clients. They also provide the platform for businesses that are interested in driving sales and partnering via their Application Programming Interface (API).

One unique service Involatus offers is the split charter flights, the nature of the service started when they found out that their partnered airlines and tour agencies couldn’t fill the flights and had a lot of extra tickets to sell, they were able to sell the tickets fast and was able to book the flights fully through their partnership with other travel agencies. They aim to expand their partnership with other travel agencies around the globe and cater to its needs of increasing client reach.

Operating widely across European countries, Involatus looks to expand its operations globally, reaching the markets of Australia, Thailand, Latin America, Colombia, Mexico, and more. They aim to work with businesses that wish to expand their client reach by supplying the travel industry with their own charter flights and a wide range of flights from well-known airlines through their services.

With its cutting-edge technology, Involatus enhances its efficiency by streamlining its operation using its proprietary API, integrating it via XML, and implementing it with all the major international technical platforms. The integration of these streamlined operations enables them to have a seamless distribution of inventories, real-time access to pricing, availability of flights, and booking information across multiple channels.

Aside from its technology, Involatus has established stable connections with prominent German platforms that expand its reach and market presence. Streamlining its product services with its customer service experience, the company assures full support to its partners and clients by implementing human-centric customer service operations.

Erkan Türkoral, CEO of Involatus

Chief Executive Officer Erkan Türkoral said that the connections and partnerships they’ve built over the years with the airlines make it easier for them to answer any queries in real-time, especially from online travel agencies.

“Through innovation and collaboration, we’re shaping the future of air travel distribution, ensuring seamless experiences for travelers worldwide,” Erkan said.

Being a pioneer in bringing new services to the market, Involatus remains grounded in its goal of serving its partners and clients with technology and human interaction. Erkan shared that, although there are great advantages to online customer service in the market, it is also still important to maintain human interaction as it supports their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

With its unique approach, Involatus commits to continue innovating and redefining the standard of excellence in the aviation industry.

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