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Stockton Family Law Attorney, Davalos Law Firm PC offers Guidance and Legal Counsel for Civil Litigation

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Davalos Law Firm PC highlights civil litigation tenets, offering a legal recourse to champion social justice in various practice areas.

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Individuals who feel wronged by another’s actions, employees terminated wrongfully, or business partners in a breach of contract dispute experience anger, confusion, and betrayal. Davalos Law Firm PC recommends civil litigation as a legal recourse to resolve issues, find amicable solutions, or move forward.

Civil litigation differs from criminal cases and usually involves two disagreeing parties. The aggrieved sues for compensation (commonly monetary) for the pain/damage caused. A judge or jury then applies the appropriate law according to the evidence presented.

Civil lawsuits follow a court-based process that can be pursued concerning businesses and other entities. For example, an individual can start an action over a residential eviction after a lease has been broken. While a criminal case involving criminal defense attorneys may end up with the negligent party in jail/prison, a civil case ensures that the defendant pays the plaintiff for physical, emotional, or mental distress.

A civil litigation lawyer’s practice areas include family law, divorce, property disputes, landlord and tenant issues, breaches of contract, environmental law, personal injury tort law, and antitrust litigation. They take what seems like an extremely complex problem and give clients an inventive and resourceful solution.

Civil litigation lawyers have in-depth insight into the law and procedures of a state to help clients understand their case’s intricacies. They anticipate potential problems and formulate solid arguments to counter any loopholes.

Since many civil lawsuits don’t go to trial, seasoned attorneys find alternative conflict resolution approaches such as arbitration, negotiation, and mediation. However, if a case appears before a judge/jury, they prep witnesses, verify claims, and file appeals/legal documents if necessary.

Davalos Law Firm PC takes pride in providing clients with strategic, intelligent, and passionate representation. The Stockton family lawyers leverage their experience and resources to resolve claims no matter the case size. They respond promptly to messages, emails, and texts, giving clients the attention and service they deserve while navigating the law.

Founding attorney Brian Davalos has built a diverse practice made of legal professionals who believe in social justice and equal access to the courtroom. For the last 5 years, Mr. Davalos has been retained on civil and criminal matters in California. He’s also a participating member of the Asian Bar of Sacramento and the Sacramento Filipino Lawyers Association.

Since its establishment, Davalos Law Firm PC has garnered numerous awards and has been prominently featured in prestigious publications with glowing reviews.

“Mr. Davalos represented my daughter and me for a restraining order. Brain and his staff worked very hard and we were granted a 5-year restraining order. We highly recommend attorney Brain Davalos...” Gloria, Satisfied Client.

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Davalos Law Firm PC focuses on litigation strategies in civil and criminal disputes whether defending through mitigation of liability or prosecuting claims in a jury trial. The team walks clients through intricate California law requirements that can be time-consuming and frustrating.

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