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Richard C. Peck, ‘The Philanthropy Guy’, Launches GiveTrust, a Platform Matching Nonprofits, and Donors

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Richard C. Peck, a seasoned philanthropy advisor, announces the launch of GiveTrust, a platform connecting nonprofits and donors who share the same vision and values.

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Behind the glory of nobility and selflessness, nonprofits grapple with many challenges, including funding. To alleviate the difficulties of securing financial support, organizations seek the help of professional advisors, such as Richard C. Peck – also known as ‘The Philanthropy Guy.’ Recently, Rick announced the launch of GiveTrust, a proprietary app connecting nonprofits with donors, designed to make organizations believe that there are people who do want to fuel their vision.

Rick has a combined 30 years of experience in the fields of philanthropy and financial services and is the current president of the board of directors of the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy (AiP). With this experience, Rick noticed a striking void in the industry—smaller nonprofits struggle to express their roadmaps in an enticing way, and donors tend to choose organizations with more renown and popularity. That realization, though daunting at first, inspired Rick to improve the philanthropic industry by creating GiveTrust and empowering nonprofits and donors to have informed, transformative conversations.

In the philanthropic landscape, GiveTrust acts like a dating app, bridging the distance between two parties whose values align. A powerful fusion of humanity and cutting-edge solutions, the platform collects and analyzes multiple databases, automatically matching the people and organizations who expressed similar interests. By fostering organic connections centered around shared goals and values, GiveTrust eradicates the industry-wide issue of smaller nonprofits being overlooked.

“In the philanthropy realm, the narrative is divided between donors and nonprofits. What we hope to achieve with GiveTrust is to connect both and champion a more collaborative future,” shares Rick. Going that extra mile, GiveTrust will also offer a space for grant writers and philanthropy advisors, fostering an environment where comprehensive knowledge and virtue intertwine.

GiveTrust is a culmination of Rick’s all-encompassing experience - which enabled him to develop a refined algorithm that curates meaningful connections - and his passion for philanthropy. “We pay attention to the details and match organizations and donors interested in the same niches. For instance, local healthcare, mental health awareness, children, or animals. It’s not just about the act of making partnerships, but forging connections that, driven by mutual visions and missions, will last for years to come,” he adds.

Complementing the matching feature will be GiveTrust’s guidance section. Within the platform, nonprofits will be able to access professional advice to prepare themselves for the nuanced territory of seeking funding. Whether through helping organizations prepare investor pitches, identify alluring short- and long-term goals, or teaching them the art of visualizing success and expressing the vision, GiveTrust is destined to become an invaluable resource for nonprofits struggling with clear and outcome-driven communication. Addressing both sides of the spectrum, the guidance space will also educate donors, equipping them with the tools that allow them to ask the right questions and make the right decisions.

Though GiveTrust is Rick’s first venture into the high-tech, digital sphere, philanthropy advice is no uncharted territory for The Philanthropy Guy. Rick is a co-creator and module facilitator of the new innovative program called the Impact Philanthropy Advisor Certificate (IPA). This initiative is headed by CEO Dien Yuen at Daylight, which unearths the complexities of modern-day charitable giving. “The program lays the groundwork for wealth and philanthropic advisors, to help meet the extraordinary opportunity to enhance client relationships and make a philanthropic impact in the world,” he explains. “The GiveTrust app, on the other hand, is a tool that brings non-profits, donors, and seasoned advisored together.”

GiveTrust the go-to destination for nonprofits and donors seeking advice - strives to reshape how connections are made and nurtured, ultimately pioneering a future of a more equal, inclusive industry. “It would be a beautiful thing to see more investors giving lesser-known nonprofits a boost of confidence, and watching organizations’ influence flourish,” Rick remarks. “To do that, we need to utilize the power of technology and reinvent the process of making connections. That is why I believe GiveTrust is the key to global success. And the best part? Everyone can benefit.”

If you are a non-profit organization seeking contributions, email Rick at [email protected] to receive instructions on how to fill out the GiveTrust Non-Profit Profile. If you are a donor, email Richard at the same address to receive instructions on how to fill out the GiveTrust Donor Profile.

If you are interested in becoming an IPA, you can pre-register here for the Impact Philanthropy Advisor course.

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