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SkillReactor Announces Academy: A Platform that Empowers Anyone to Learn AI-Ready Coding Skills

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SkillReactor launches Academy, a platform empowering people from all backgrounds to master AI-ready coding skills with its novel Learn, Practice, Build approach.

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SkillReactor, a leading code upskilling platform, announces the launch of its new learning platform, Academy. This new experience is designed for users of all skill levels, helping them acquire future-ready coding skills. The upgrade redefines the code training experience for the AI-driven world and aims to bring new talent into tech, transitioning individuals from zero to full-stack AI developers with ease.

AI: Empowering Software Engineers, Not Replacing Them

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has transformed software development in various ways, one of which is by lowering the barriers to entry for aspiring developers. Generative AI tools have made coding easier by allowing users to generate code snippets, automate tasks, and streamline development processes. A developer survey report recently released by SkillReactor indicated a growing interest in Artificial Intelligence among developers, showcasing the increasing relevance and importance of AI skills in today's software engineering landscape.

However, they still need to possess fundamental coding skills, and the ability to leverage AI effectively, to excel in problem-solving and build innovative solutions.

SkillReactor’s Three-Step Learning Journey

As software development undergoes transformation, there arises a need for a learning approach that prepares developers for the modern way of coding in the AI era.

The future of work with AI is about achieving more output, not fewer jobs. The way we build things is changing, and so is the way we learn to build them”, said Asim Shaikh, Founder of SkillReactor.

SkillReactor's new learning experience offers a comprehensive start-to-end journey designed to equip learners with the essential skills needed to become Full-Stack AI Developers. It helps them acquire coding knowledge and experience in AI and Full-Stack development following a three-step approach: Learn, Practice, Build.

The platform offers interactive learning courses that cover coding fundamentals, alongside practice projects designed to reinforce learnings in a practical coding environment. Once learners are ready, they can tackle advanced portfolio projects, building a verified portfolio that highlights their expertise.

Leveraging AI in Learning and Development

SkillReactor not only teaches coding but also helps learners leverage AI to enhance their efficiency and productivity. The platform includes an AI mentor feature that provides on-demand learning, enabling users to access information quickly and save time, without having to go through lengthy content.

Additionally, the AI mentor is integrated into the IDE, offering real-time coding support as users work on projects. This hands-on experience with AI prepares learners for a future where they can effectively utilise AI in software development.

About SkillReactor:

SkillReactor is a leading ed-tech company based in the UK that provides code education with a focus on project-first learning. Since its establishment in 2021, SkillReactor has benefitted over 25,000 users, ensuring they stay on top of popular technologies through hands-on experience on real-world coding projects and preparing them for the future of software development.

For more information about SkillReactor or to start your journey to becoming an AI-Ready FullStack Developer, please visit https://www.skillreactor.io.

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