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Marc Chaikin's June 26 Announcement: Urgent Warning About the Magnificent Seven (by TradeInvestNow.com)

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Marc Chaikin is sounding the alarm on what's coming next for the stock market.

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TradeInvestNow.com would like to share the most important story in finance right now. Less than a week from now, Marc Chaikin - the founder of Chaikin Analytics - is sounding the alarm on what's coming next for the stock market and warns: "Folks getting distracted by the Magnificent Seven right now, especially Nvidia, risk getting sideswiped by what's coming next."

Marc Chaikin's special event starts next Wednesday, June 26, at 8 p.m. Eastern time. It's the best way for you to understand what's going on and how to take advantage.

Marc Chaikin's June 26 Announcement - Get all the details here

Marc Chaikin's June 26 Announcement - What Is All About?

Distracted by the Fed... the election... AI mania... and the "Wall of Worry" in the markets, I'd bet only a handful of folks noticed when an incredibly rare signal flashed in the stock market this year – and one of them was our friend, Marc Chaikin.

If you don't know Marc yet, you should. He's got a track record you need to see to believe...

In fact, he's predicted almost every major financial story you can think of over the last 15 years – including this latest bull market, the crashes of 2020 and 2008, and even the rise of Nvidia before it was a household name (and the biggest stock of the decade).

Which is why as soon as Marc told us about his newest announcement... I knew you had to see it and what it could mean for your money.

Marc's hosting an urgent, on-camera briefing to explain everything on June 26 at 8 p.m. Eastern time. I'm urging you to be there.

This is a big signal – and being among the first to understand it could make all the difference.

Marc says this signal has only flashed 13 times since 1943.

After this rare signal, the S&P 500's been up 10% a year later, on average... with 72% historical accuracy.

Not bad. A solid sign of more market gains to come.

But one specific group of stocks has been higher a perfect 100% of the time, across all 13 signals stretching back 80+ years... with average one-year gains of 40%.

That's four times higher than the S&P.

But you need to know which stocks will be affected.

Because unfortunately, Marc expects this dramatic signal to spell disaster for many of the stocks you may own today, including Nvidia and the so-called "Magnificent Seven."

So it's critical you prepare now.

Marc's releasing his new warning in full this Wednesday, June 26.

He's going to share all the studies backing his warning... the major ramifications for the stock market over the next couple of years... and exactly which stocks he expects to get impacted the most, regardless of what the Fed's doing or who's in the White House.

I know folks have been feeling uncertain lately with all the speculation in the media about where we're going this year – as a country, and on Wall Street.

I expect Marc's announcement will provide a lot of clarity and peace of mind for those folks.

You'll get some big-picture answers about the stock market and the economy as a whole... as well as specific investing insights you can put into action immediately.

So please, make time for Marc next Wednesday to see what's coming next in the market – including his recommended investment strategy for the rest of this year.

You can save your spot on this page here.

About Marc Chaikin

Marc Chaikin spent 50 years on Wall Street and is one of the most influential contributors to financial strategy and technology.

Over the past five decades, he has survived and thrived in 9 bear markets... helped create three new indices for the Nasdaq, where he once rang the opening bell... has built what many experts consider the "golden standard" for determining where a stock is going next (based on his indicator which appears on every Bloomberg terminal)... and has appeared many times on Fox Business and CNBC's Mad Money.

How To Sign Up For Marc Chaikin's June 26 Announcement?

Marc’s curated a special website packed with valuable research and resources to help you hit the ground running on June 26. To get access to it, all you have to do is enter your respective email here.

This website is the only place you can claim your free report, “The Next Big SURGE For Stocks” with a sneak peek of Marc’s recommended investing strategy going forward…

Inside this report, Marc discusses the potential for a significant upcoming surge in the stock market... driven by historical patterns and economic indicators.

This report is available until he takes the stage on June 26 at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

On June 26, Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin will cover a rare signal that's just triggered in the market... one that's only appeared a handful of times over the last century.

AND every time it has, one specific group of stocks has historically gone on to beat the market.

Not just beat it, but radically outperform it – 4 TIMES BETTER than the S&P 500, on average.

Bottom Line: Should You Attend Marc Chaikin's June 26 Announcement?

Marc Chaikin's urgent stock market forecast is going live on June 26 – where he’ll be introducing his No. 1 favorite stock strategy for the first time ever…

An approach he believes is poised to outperform the S&P 400 four-fold in the coming years...

He’ll also be sharing, absolutely free, the name and ticker of a top stock idea from this exact strategy – one that could show you big gains in the coming year – just for attending.

Marc Chaikin's June 26 Announcement - Claim Your FREE Spot Here

About Chaikin Analytics

Chaikin Analytics, which launched in March 2011, is a suite of stock research tools and portfolio management services that help pick winning stocks and drop losing stocks ahead of market shifts. The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating is the centerpiece of Chaikin Analytics - it’s a remarkably accurate indicator of where a stock is headed over the next 3 to 6 months.

You can contact the Chaikin Analytics team via the following:


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