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Former-Correction Officer Michael Yarbrough To Publish Unfiltered, Uncomfortable Truth With Memoir: Benchmark Murder

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Michael Yarbrough, a retired correction officer, is set to release 'Benchmark Murder “(Cornerstone of the Last Chapter)!”, detailing his account of the murder of labor union leader James Hoffa.

Detroit, Michigan, 06/27/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Michael Yarbrough, a retired correction officer and criminal justice graduate from the University of Phoenix, is set to release a gripping book titled ‘Benchmark Murder “(Cornerstone of the Last Chapter)!”’ The book will delve into his firsthand account of witnessing the murder of American labor union leader James Riddle Hoffa, who served as the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Michael, who served with the State of Michigan and worked alongside the Michigan State of Police for about 17 years, walked upon the murder of Hoffa in 1975 while in Detroit searching for employment. Despite his efforts to alert authorities to his eyewitness account, Michael’s claims have been largely dismissed, purportedly due to the vested interests of higher-ups.

In Benchmark Murder, Michael Yarbrough chronicles his decade-long struggle to bring the truth to light. He details his determination to solve Hoffa’s homicide, seeking closure for himself and the families affected. “I’ve been living with this trauma for 30 years,” Michael shares. “Writing this book is therapeutic. It’s my mission to provide closure and ensure no one else has to endure this.”

The book will explore not only this homicide case but also other unsolved cases, prison escapes, serial killers, and drug kingpins in Detroit, all seen through the lens of Michael Yarbrough’s extensive law enforcement background. His experiences underscore the critical role of eyewitness testimony in solving cases, a principle he feels has been overlooked in many investigations.

The retiree’s motivation extends beyond personal closure. He is driven by a sense of duty to provide closure for the families of the victims and to uphold what he took as a law enforcement officer. As he states, “I want to truly remind those who took an oath of their duty to uphold the law and listen to eyewitnesses.”

Despite facing significant challenges, including being disregarded by many official authorities, Michael has remained resolute. His determination is evident in his hiring of a private investigator and his efforts to garner public support through interviews, social media, and a petition on Facebook to locate Hoffa’s remains. Michael even maintains an active presence on TikTok, and his YouTube podcast channel strives to amplify his message.

“I’ve been trying to get my story out for 22 years now,” he says. Michael’s book is not just a recounting of events but a plea for justice. “I feel grateful to talk about it through my book finally,” he expresses. “It’s important to me, to America, to Detroit, and to everyone who knows about this case to have some closure. And this book is my way of reconciling the past and helping the families affected; I won’t stop until the truth is out there.”

Evidently, Benchmark Murder promises to be a compelling read, shedding light on many dark chapters in American history, and a man’s persistence in the quest for justice.

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