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Lee’s Coaching/Consulting Helps Unlock Success for Educational and Business Organizations via Training Workshops

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Lee’s Coaching/Consulting, founded by Jesse Lee, offers training workshops for businesses and educational institutions, focusing on equipping individuals to become effective contributors.

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations are under much pressure from all sides. What separates organizations that thrive from those that fail is having a robust organizational culture, which unifies the different individuals that comprise an organization and allows them to work together to achieve collective goals. Jesse Lee, the founder of Lee’s Coaching/Consulting, recognizes the importance of culture, which includes fostering communication and collaboration, so he makes these central to his organizational coaching offering for business and educational organizations.

Lee, who has more than 10 years of experience in education, psychology, and human services, offers training workshops for educational institutions, especially public schools from Pre-K to high school, as well as private companies. These workshops focus on developing leaders' and team members’ soft skills and communication skills, while developing a culture of collaboration within the group, providing a pathway to success. Lee believes that culture comes from the top, so the first step is getting leadership, such as the CEO or school principal, on board. Lee then helps them create a roadmap to help staff become productive and successful contributors to the organization’s goals – whether it’s better educational outcomes or higher revenue.

Regarding the educational sector, Lee observes that the student-teacher ratio is too high at around 30 students per teacher. This results in each student not getting enough attention from the teacher, and also leads to teacher burnout. While resolving this requires systemic changes, Lee helps schools manage the pressure by equipping school personnel with training in leadership, time management, and handling stress, as well as formulating and implementing plans to bring in more teachers and aides to alleviate the load of the current faculty. Aside from dealing with teachers and administrators, Lee is also equipped to work with students, including those on the autism spectrum, having been a behavioral therapist in the past.

On the business side, prior to holding workshops, Lee meets with the CEO and other top leadership of the company and examines important numbers, such as revenue trends, expenditures, and employee attrition rates.

“Once I've met the leaders and seen the numbers, I help them create a plan that will help stabilize or grow the company,” he says. “To make employees happy, we need to resolve various conflicts, such as micromanaging or workplace toxicity, allowing everyone to be on the same page and contributing to goals that drive revenue.”

Lee adds that many organizations forget that they are composed of individuals with unique qualities, experiences, and styles of work. He also reminds organizations to be realistic and realize that employees are not going to stay with them forever because they're eventually going to gain enough experience to move on. Employees arriving and leaving is an inevitable part of business, and having a distinct and strong organizational culture is what allows companies to weather various challenges and continue growing.

“I created confidence-building tools, so people can be successful in multiple areas in their lives, with a holistic approach tailored to each individual's unique needs,” Lee says. “Just like a human body is composed of different organs, with a disease or failure in one organ affecting the entire body, an organization is composed of individuals who are working together towards its goals. Each individual’s needs must be met so they can perform their function well and contribute towards the entire organization’s success.”

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