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The best virtual assistants online

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Are you also tired of hiring in-house employees for every little task? Do you wish there was a magical genie to do all your work? Well, we have good news! Demanding entrepreneurs

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Are you also tired of hiring in-house employees for every little task? Do you wish there was a magical genie to do all your work? Well, we have good news! Demanding entrepreneurs and managers have learnt that bringing about a virtual assistant is actually a tremendous way to assign administrative or tedious tasks and free up their own time!

The mounting demand for virtual assistants (VA) has transformed businesses. These amazing professionals offer innumerable services. Need someone to do your administrative work? Digital marketing? Project management? You name it and they can do it! So we have found out the best virtual assistants online for you reviewing them for their prices, availability, services and much more!

Our First Choice: Okayrelax.Com

OkayRelax.com is the top choice in providing exceptional virtual assistant services intended to handle a multiplicity of responsibilities for industries and individuals. You can count on them to cater your administrative, programing, research, travel scheduling, and additional needs. OkayRelax.com stands out for its clear pricing packages and pledge to customer satisfaction, proposing numerous service packages to accommodate different requests and plans.

Pricing on OkayRelax.com is up-front, with no hidden charges in their packages that include Basic, Professional, and and Business plans. Each plan proposes a maximum number of services or hours per month, letting clients select the package that best suits their requirements. This method provides flexibility and ease in managing costs, making OkayRelax.com a trustworthy choice for continuing virtual assistant support.

Specifications at a glance

  • Pricing: Basic plan starts off $29 per month for 3 tasks; Professional plan for $79 per month for 12 tasks; and Business plan for $199 per month for 30 tasks.
  •  Contract Terms: Monthly subscription plans with tasks centered on selected package.
  • Services Offered: Managerial support, programing, and research, travel scheduling, personal assistant responsibilities.
  • Availability: Services available internationally; tasks completed as per client’s needs and their time zones.
  • Communication Channels: You can contact them via email or their client portal, and phone support for one to one discussions on plans.
  • Supported Languages: They are fluent in English with assistants expert in supplementary languages based on availability at any given time.



- Committed and advanced virtual assistant services.

- Specific tasks and services.

- Clear pricing and service packages for different needs

- Specific range of skills.

- Experienced assistants in multiple languages

- No hidden charges.

Best for tailored plans: TasksLeader.com

TasksLeader.com sets itself as an all-inclusive platform proposing a wide array of virtual assistant services personalized to both individual and business requirements. They are currently focusing on administrative tasks, data entry operations, research, and customer support, amongst other services. They have a very rigorous selection process for their virtual assistants to guarantee first-class services to their clients.

You might not find a very specific pricing plan on their webpage which suggests a ‘custom-made’ approach where prices may differ depending on the intricacy and extent of tasks. Clients are supposed to contact them themselves to discuss exact requirements and get personalized pricing plans. This method offers flexibility but could also bring about ambiguity about costs for possible clients.

Specifications at a glance

  •  Pricing: They have a variety of plans ranging from 5 hours (50$) to Full-Time Assistants (800$). They also have a Free Trial service of 3 hours for 3 days.
  • Contract Terms: Flexible terms as tailored agreements; normally discussed during preliminary discussions.
  • Services Offered: administrative tasks, data entry operations, research, and customer support.
  • Availability: Services available worldwide; virtual assistants can provide services across different time zones as well.
  •  Communication Channels: You may contact them via email, phone, or their websites direct messaging system.
  • Supported Languages: Just English-speaking virtual assistants.



- Provides an eclectic range of virtual assistant facilities.

- Incomplete transparency on pricing and packages.

- Claims to have a difficult screening procedure.

- Exact details about VA credentials not available.

- Offers a trial period for testing services.

- Customer reviews and recommendations are limited.

- The VAs can mostly just communicate in English.

Best for rates: VirtualStaff.ph

VirtualStaff.ph has a lot of virtual assistants principally available in the Philippines. Their services include administrative tasks, customer services, technical work, social media marketing, amongst others. The platform accentuates the benefits of signing Filipino virtual assistants, as they have lower rates as compared to other countries.

The pricing plans depend on the type of service you’re looking to have done as well as the skill required. However, overall the prices are much lower than their Western counterparts for the same tasks. You can either go for an hourly contract or a monthly one, with rates that are broadly negotiable. All in all, if you’re on a tight budget, VirtualStaff.ph might be your dream come true when it comes to affordable and tailored packages.

Specifications at a glance

  •  Pricing: Hourly rates differ by the type of service as well as skill of the VA, normally fluctuating between $3 to $8 per hour.
  •  Contract Terms: You can hire hourly or monthly contracts.
  • Services Offered: administrative tasks, customer services, technical work, and social media marketing, amongst others.
  • Availability: It does serve all over the world but assistants work in Philippine Standard Time only.
  • Communication Channels: They can be contacted via Email, Skype, Zoom, and other desired communication channels.
  • Supported Languages: The VAs are fluent in English with varying grades of skill in additional languages.



- Cost-effective as compared to other Vas.

- Quality assurance differs from VA to VA

- Different pool of skills available.

- They only operate in Philippine Standard Time which makes communication a challenge

- There can be Legal issues with international hiring.

Best for specialized services: EVirtualAssistants.com

EVirtualAssistants.com provides enthusiastic assistants expert in tasks for example administration, social media marketing, project management, as well as others. The platform emphasizes on providing first-class service through prudently scrutinized assistants who go through demanding screening procedures.

EVirtualAssistants.com packages have higher rates as compared to similar platforms. This is because they specialize in very specific services with very skillful VAs. They offer tailored plans designed to meet exclusive business necessities, which can consist of both hourly or service based pricing. This method allows industries to choose facilities that meet their needs and budget.

Specifications at a glance

  • Pricing: Personalized pricing based on services. But the prices are much higher as compared to other platforms.
  • Contract Terms: You can get an hourly package or get a custom made one according to your needs.
  • Services Offered: administration, social media marketing, project management, as well as others.
  • Availability: Services are available all over the world; and their assistants work as per your time zone.
  • Communication Channels: You can contact them via Email, phone, Skype, Slack, and other tools.
  • Supported Languages: English mostly but possibly additional languages contingent on assistant profiles.



-Offers specialized virtual assistant services.

- Greater pricing equaled to other platforms.

- Delivers assistants for precise tasks.

- Restricted information on screening and preparation of VAs.

- Customizable plans custom-made to business requirements.

- May not offer as wide a variety of skills as additional platforms.

- Availability of VAs might be inadequate as they are specialized.

Best for quick work: GetMagic.com

GetMagic.com distinguishes itself by introducing virtual assistant services through their user friendly application. Their platform is premeditated for rapid task completion! The virtual assistants are available to tackle an extensive range of administration tasks, personal work, and research jobs in a limited time span. GetMagic.com highlights suitability and speed, making it perfect for companies and individuals needing instant assistance without long-standing packages and plans.

The price packages on GetMagic.com typically are according to the nature of their services. And this results in upper costs associated to other virtual assistant platforms. They have transparent pricing centered on task difficulty and time span, with rates conversed beforehand to guarantee lucidity for users. This method allows clients to demand and receive help quickly.

Specifications at a glance

  • Pricing: Upfront pricing based on task difficulty and time required; characteristic rates begin from $35 per hour.
  • Contract Terms: There are no long-term packages, you just have to pay for the task you got done.
  • Services Offered: administration tasks, personal work, and research jobs in a limited time span
  • Availability: Services available instantly through their mobile app; operates globally.
  • Communication Channels: All communication is easily done through their mobile app (iOS and Android), but you can email them as well.
  • ·Supported Languages: English (main), contingent on assistant accessibility, possibly additional languages.



- Has on-demand virtual assistant services.

- Services are more costly.

- Jobs can be finished within hours.

- Restricted control over the collection of VAs.

- Has a user-friendly app

- Might not be appropriate for continuing, long-term projects.


Are virtual assistant services worth the money?

A virtual assistant service is absolutely worth it! Not only is it less expensive than the hiring process for a new in house employee, it also takes off a lot of burden off your back. With a VA, you can subcontract your most laborious or tiresome tasks. This way it is possible for you to focus more on areas you are competent in without having to worry about managerial tasks that take up too much of your time.

How do I talk to my virtual assistant?

The answer to this question varies from platform to platform. While most of the platforms still rely on more traditional ways of communication like email or phone calls, some have retorted to newer technology like instant messages on their website.

Most of the platforms also allow you to sign up and upload your task requirements on their user interface for easy communication.

How much time do virtual assistants work?

Again, the answer to this question varies from platform to platform. Most of the virtual assistant services have different plans which you can purchase ranging from 10-20 hours per month. You can also ask for more at an additional price. If you are not certain how many hours you need and end up buying more, they usually add the unused hours to the next month so it’s a win-win situation.

Is a nondisclosure agreement needed to work with a virtual assistant?

Most facilities permit the use of a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). Apart from that, some VA services necessitate their assistants to sign one when employed, but you can normally give your own as well.

How do I any issues I have with my virtual assistant?

You should immediately get in touch with the company offering the services. They usually provide email, Skype or phone numbers to contact them directly if the need arises. Instead of debating with the virtual assistant, it is always better to get the company involved before things get messy.

Advantages of hiring a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant services have key advantages for companies and individuals looking to simplify operations and improve productivity. Here are five key advantages:

1. Inexpensive: Virtual assistants work from home, eradicating the need for office space, gear, and additional costs required to hire full-time employees. This cost savings can be noteworthy, particularly for small businesses.

2. Access to Diverse Skills: Virtual assistant services offer an extensive range of skills that might not be available in the company. They work diligently on administrative tasks, personal assistant chores, and social media marketing as well as other tasks effectively.

3. Increased Productivity: By allotting routine responsibilities to virtual assistants, businesses can liberate treasured time for fundamental activities and tactical initiatives. This eventually enhances overall efficiency and production.

4. Global Talent Pool: Virtual assistant services allow businesses to hire Vas from all over the globe. This assortment in talent not only increases the skill set obtainable but also proposes the possibility for 24/7 support.

    Based on the comparison, OkayRelax.com appears as the Grade A option for hiring inexpensive virtual assistants due to its transparent virtual assistant services, practiced assistants, and emphasis on customer gratification. By providing custom-made solutions and freeing up cherished time, okayrelax.com inspires individuals and businesses alike to focus on what truthfully matters, making it a necessary partner in efficiency and success.

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