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Nina Anto releases DESIRE single as artistic protest for LGBTQ+ rights

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Warsaw-born Nina Anto's music video release is an artistic protest for LGBTQ+ rights.

Berlin, Germany, 07/10/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Venice, CA: Warsaw-born and L.A.-based indie musician and professional pianist Nina Anto lend her magnetic, deep voice and composing talent to create her sonic signature on the intimate short film Desire.

The single release, based on the cinematic narrative, is an artistic protest for LGBTQ+ rights by some of Poland's finest emerging talents - cinematographers Marek Leszczewski (DIR) and Marcin Magiera (DOP), and starring actresses Anna Paliga and Magdalena Osińska.

"Desire" is a story about intimacy, about delicacy, relief and the desire to find someone, about how people can grow together, open up parts of themselves that were previously unknown to them, how they desire each other, love, build up, break up or open up to something new. The lyrics by Nina Anto disregard the fact that the cinematic story is featuring a same-sex relationship, but speak about love in general - because the feelings are available to everyone.

For so long
I was dreaming of a touch like yours
But I was too afraid
To loose control

Nina Anto: "The song in a way reflects the music I used to play when I was a classical pianist in Poland, although for a long time now I've been immersed in contemporary music and alt-pop, here I was inspired by the music of Chopin and Szymanowski and how their music was deeply emotional, and often allowed 'rubato', which allows you to disregard a strict tempo in music, and also adapt emotions to the rhythm part. Desire doesn't have a steady pace, it has an emotional one, which is an interesting metaphor for love itself. I love this style of playing, that's why when I was trained as a classical pianist as a child, the romantic era and romantic composers were my favorite to learn from."

When it comes to human rights in Poland, they are not equally available to everyone. Nina Anto says: "There are only 5 countries in Europe that don't have LGBTQ+ partnership rights and one of them is my home country - Poland. LGBTQ+ love is equally valid. Every person and their story is valid. I hope that Poland will finally start treating LGBTQ+ people with dignity, as this is way overdue, and we shouldn’t just be silent when our friends, people that we love are ripped out of basic human rights."

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