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Brooklyn Mold Removal Co. Introduces New Toxic Mold Removal Service

Last updated Friday, July 5, 2013 11:20 ET

A Brooklyn mold remediation company, Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc., recently announced their new toxic mold removal services for Hurricane Sandy Relief

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Eight months later and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is still wreaking havoc on residents of New York City and surrounding areas. One of the more prominent issues currently gaining momentum in the media as allergy season and a sultry summer is upon New Yorkers, is the toxic mold crisis that is growing literally out of control throughout the city. Taking into consideration that houses and buildings are built so close to each other, along with the simple fact that mold breeds mold spores directly into the air, has caused numerous officials and organizations to take notice of this major health hazard that is threatening to take over the city.

Motty Katz, the director of a Brooklyn mold testing company Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc., recently stated,” Ever since the Hurricane hit we had a growing suspicion that New York City would definitely be experiencing a tremendous mold crisis as the temperature outside started to heat up. As most of the city and other surrounding areas were under contaminated flood waters, the concern for a mold outbreak through the entire city is practically inevitable. In light of this growing mold crisis, along with the fact that the water damage that is causing toxic mold to breed is full of contaminants, has caused for us to revamp our entire mold inspection and mold removal protocols. As safety is always a concern for my staff and employees, the same can be said for my clients as well. One other very important point I would like to make is that every building in NYC will more than likely have mold growing, so the re-occurrence of professionally treated homes is likely as the air in NYC will have a high count of mold spores for probably years to come. We provide a two year warranty for all of our clients, allowing them to call us back if they just so happen to have a relapse of mold”

As New York City was under a substantial amount of contaminated flood waters for upwards of two weeks, the threat level of toxic mold flourishing all throughout New York City is apparently quite high. As the efforts to properly and thoroughly dry and decontaminate all flood water affected areas are still going on to this very day, the next step in the clean up process is mold removal, and one can only wonder what is going to happen with the mold crisis over the next coming months as so many have already been dealing with toxic mold issues.
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